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General stats are shown when opening a Hero's Inventory (default "I" key):


In-depth stats are brought up using the stat icon 50px when opening up the inventory. It is important to use this when changing items on a character because the overall effect of the change in stats of the item will affect the power of the Hero being played.

The stat icon will bring up:


Hero Stats

Main Stats

Stat Description Affect on other Stats
Strength Determines the Hero's physical prowess. Every point of strength increases Attack Damage and Critical Attack Damage. Every 5 points = 1% bonus Attack Damage
Every 10 points = 1% Critical Attack Damage
Dexterity Determines how swift and agile the Hero is. Every point of Dexterity increases Critical Strike Chance and Evasion Rating. Every 5 points = 1% Critical Hit Chance
Every 10 points = 1% Evasion Rating
Intelligence Determines the Hero's willpower. Every point of Intelligence increases Spell Damage and Critical Spell Damage. Every 5 points = 1% Spell Damage Bonus
Every 10 points = 1% Critical Ability (Spell) Damage
Fortitude Determines the overall resilience of the Hero. Every point of Fortitude increases Life and Armor rating. Every 1 point = 4 Life
Every 5 points = 1% Armor


Hero damage is divided into two types - Attack Damage and Spell Damage based on Hero main stat. The damage and defense schema determine the Hero's overall DPS.

Stat Description Main Stat
DPS Average damage the Hero does per second on a unit with no armor or resistance. INT/STR
Attack Damage Amount of damage the Hero deals out with all of their Attack-type attacks. STR
Critical Attack Chance A chance to inflict bonus damage on a successful hit. DEX
Critical Attack Damage How much bonus damage the Hero inflicts with Attack type critical strikes. STR
Attack Speed Bonus Multiplies the Hero's base attack speed.
Spell Damage Amount of damage the Hero deals with all of their Spell-type attacks. INT
Critical Spell Damage How much bonus damage the Hero inflicts with Spell type critical strikes. INT


Stat Description Main Stat
Life How much damage the Hero can soak up without perishing. FORT
Armor Rating Determines the amount of Physical Damage Reduction Stat the Hero has. FORT
Evasion Rating Evasion Rating determines the Chance to Dodge [Stat] attacks directed at the Hero. DEX
Elemental Resistances Amount of damage negated from Fire, Lightning, Poison, and Cold type sources. None

General Notes:

  • Life = (FORT*4)
  • Total Life (Displayed Value in Stat Sheet) = Life + (Life*(Bonus Health %/100)) + Bonus Health
  • Armor Rating (rounded up to the nearest 10) = Base Armor Rating + (Fort*0.002)

For Physical Damage Reduction the values are as follows:

  • 2% physical damage reduction = 15 armour
  • 3% physical damage reduction = 30 armour
  • 4% physical damage reduction = 50 armour
  • 5% physical damage reduction = 75 armour
  • 6% physical damage reduction = 105 armour
  • 7% physical damage reduction = 140 armour...
  • 90% physical damage reduction = 20475 armour


Stat Description Obtained Via
Movement Speed Bonus to the character's base Movement Speed. The maximum Movement Speed Bonus is 15%. Gear
Gold Drop Chance Bonus to the base amount of Gold dropped from units. Pet
Magic Item Find Chance Bonus to the base chance of finding an item of Magic rarity or higher. Not implemented

Weapon and Item Stats

Weapon and item stats are manipulated by crafting materials used on an item. See the section on Crafting for more details.

Stat Description
Hero Stats Weapons and items, as well as some temporary buffs, can give increases to base Hero stats.
Armor Rating and Bonus % Increase to the base Armor Rating by a set amount or percentage.
Attack/Spell DMG Bonus % Increase to the base Attack or Spell Damage by a percentage.
Health/Bonus Health Increase to base life by a set amount or percentage.
Critical Attack/Ability DMG % Increase to the base Critical Attack/Spell Damage stat by percentage.
Element DMG and Bonus % Increase to base elemental damage type by a set amount or percentage.
Elemental Resistance Items can give resistance percentage increases to a particular type of elemental damage.
Physical DMG and Bonus % Increase to base physical damage by a set amount or percentage.
Legendary Item Bonus This is a particular flavor text added to Legendaries that give a bonus based on artifacts used in the creation of the Legendary item