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| Igman
| Igman
| [[Assassinations|Zloran the Traitor]]
| ''What looks on the surface like fine cloth left to dry in the briar patch for far too long is, in fact, a happy marriage of human craftsmanship and wild forest magic. Use it wisely.''
| [[File:Living-Plate.png]]
| [[File:Living-Plate.png]]

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Materials are used in the creation and reforging of items. Each material can have one or multiple effects on an item. Materials are broken down into Rare, Epic, and Legendary categories much like items.

Materials are broken down into four sub-categories based on attributes they change on an item:

  • STR - Strength - Overall Strength, Physical Damage, Fury Generation, Critical Hit Damage
  • DEX - Dexterity - Overall Dexterity, Attack Speed, Critical Hit Chance, Movement Speed
  • INT - Intelligence - Overall Intelligence, Spell Damage, Cooldown Reduction, Spell Resistance
  • FOR - Defense (Fortitude) - Affect Overall Defense, Maximum Health, Armor, Regeneration

Based on these four sub-categories, items can roll multiple prefixes and suffixes. The higher the tier and crafting level of the player, the higher the statistics on the item.


  • The list below is for Normal Difficulty only; increasing difficulty will add materials from other regions or simply increase the amount dropped of the same materials
  • Missions should always be completed fully to ensure full loot drops
  • Areas and Missions in the table do not correspond to each other
  • Higher chance does not guarantee a better result due to RNG drop rates

Icon Item Name Type Area(s) Found Lore
Sturdy-Tools.png Sturdy Tools STR Igman A poor craftsman blames his tools when he only has himself to blame. Sturdy tools make quick work of any base materials and help a master craftsman construct marvelous works.
Construction-Part.png Construction Part STR Karadol
The basic building blocks for any construction are combined and extended to make new shapes and forms. These can be further built upon by master masons.
Structural-Reinforcement.png Structural Reinforcement STR Deliblat
Weapon-Fragment.png Weapon Fragment STR Igman A broken blade fit only to be reforged. In the meantime, it serves as a reminder of what may befall a warrior who relies too much on shoddy worksmanship.
Armor-Segment.png Armor Segment STR Karadol
Count Plamen
Dire Straits and Dire Tidings
Architectural-Element.png Architectural Element STR Deliblat Pas the Biter
Mistress of Anton
Ancient-Relic.png Ancient Relic STR Igman The sages say these ancient relics had an ornamental function. They have no way of explaining the hungry whine it produces when tapped with a copper rod. Nor the blood-red glint it gets when exposed to sunlight.
Ancestral-Artifact.png Ancestral Artifact STR Karadol
Whispers in the Dark
Mighty-Aegis.png Mighty Aegis STR Deliblat Whispers in the Dark
Jagged-Belt.png Jagged Pelt DEX Igman There's more than one way to skin a rabbit. Most are wrong. The results are these flawed, but still useful pelts.
Resilient-Wood.png Resilient Wood DEX Karadol
Infused-Leather.png Infused Leather DEX Deliblat
Growing-Raiment.png Growing Raiment DEX Igman What looks on the surface like fine cloth left to dry in the briar patch for far too long is, in fact, a happy marriage of human craftsmanship and wild forest magic. Use it wisely.
Living-Plate.png Living Plate DEX Karadol
Only a person who's never dined with gulls or crows might question the wisdom of having a barbed edge on a plate from which they eat their meals.
Arboreal-Shard.png Arboreal Shard DEX Deliblat The Golden Guard
Shifting Sands
Sylvan-Coat.png Sylvan Coat DEX Igman
Druidic-Garment.png Druidic Garment DEX Karadol
There is nothing that embodies the fusion of fine Veela craftsmanship and the wild magic of nature better than a druidic garment. The secret of their production was thought lost, until a woodsman found it written in copper ink on the bark of a birch.
Rangers-Gear.png Ranger's Gear DEX Deliblat
Energy-Orb.png Energy Orb INT Igman Even the lowly Adept can summon enough spellcasting ability to form simple balls of arcane energy. It takes an Arcanist of more advanced spell mastery to contain said energy into a coherent and stable shape, thus forming an Energy Orb.
Captured-Lightning.png Captured Lightning INT Karadol
The gods do not look favorably on those mortals who attempt to harness the power of the elements, and will usually punish any such transgression with force. Occasionally, however, they will be impressed by the skill or resolve needed for such an undertaking, and will allow the mortal to save a fraction of the elemental power within a container such as a bottle or jar.
Crystallized-Fire.png Crystallized Fire INT Deliblat
Bottled-Gale.png Bottled Gale INT Igman The old saying goes "Man cannot harness the wind, only ride it". This has been proven wrong by those who dared brave the wrath of the gods and, using sorcery, trap the brute force of a gale in a mundane item such as a bottle.
Enchanted-Pyre.png Enchanted Pyre INT Karadol
The sheer difficulty and skill required for an arcanist to create an Energy Orb is daunting, and leaves a lot of room for catastrophic mistakes. Such mistakes can cause the energy within to seep through its magical bonds, eventually erupting in arcane fire and creating what is known as an Enchanted Pyre.
Celestial-Light.png Celestial Light INT Deliblat Pas the Biter
Elemental-Force.png Elemental Force INT Igman The struggle between the gods and the demonic forces has left parts of the world in tatters, the equilibrium between all the terrestrial elements in disarray. Repairing this damaged reality requires an Elemental Force, forged to combine the most vicious, potent aspects of each element into one arcane item. The ground shudders in its vicinity, and it is said to hold the flame of a thousand pyres and the power of a tsunami locked within.
Divine-Particle.png Divine Particle INT Karadol
Cosmic-Spark.png Cosmic Spark INT Deliblat
Tissue.png Tissue FOR Igman
Bone.png Bone FOR Karadol
Organ.png Organ FOR Deliblat
Limb.png Limb FOR Igman The phrase "I will tear you limb from limb" has an entirely new level of terrifying when one considers certain limbs and remains can be used in rituals and forging of spells, and are regularly smuggled by shady rogues and item peddlers.
Brain.png Brain FOR Karadol
You don't need half a brain to figure out how to use organs for crafting magic items. Or do you?
Spine.png Spine FOR Deliblat Shifting Sands
Animated-Parts.png Animated Parts FOR Igman The arcane deals with the natural and the unnatural, and nothing is more unearthly than the foul parts and organs of strange, demonic entities bundled together in a horrifying mess. However, the magical potency of such an abomination is undeniable.
Skeletal-Construct.png Skeletal Construct FOR Karadol
Ancient shaman traditions speak of bone formations and blood rituals that, when utilized in the correct way, can summon frightening forces or imbue items with arcane energy. What was once tradition is now widely used in both alchemy and magic item smithing.
Biomass.png Biomass FOR Deliblat And Yet We Perservere