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Basic Information[edit]

Dameer, The Wildborn is a ranged based champion that has a Bear for a pet which he uses to battle his enemies. He is one of the currently 8 Pagan Online heroes.

Wildborn | Ranged | Strength


The forest almost ended the life of young Dameer. Blinded by a raiding warband and left to die among the trees, Veles saw potential in this pathetic child who refused death despite the odds against him. By the God’s grace, the child became Wildborn – at one with the spirits of the forest. Young Dameer is still growing and learning to use his powers. Other mortals, even demons, find his powers unnerving. His bear companion, Vavvan, might have something to do with that.

Class: Wildborn[edit]

Dameer is a ranger character that uses boomerangs and fights alongside his lifelong friend, a bear named Vavvan. Combine ranged attacks with bear commands to kill your enemies. In times of great need, Dameer and Vavvan become one, a furious berserker that demolishes all foes on the battlefield.


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Level Up Bonuses[edit]

Each time he levels up Dameer gain :

Strength Dexterity Intelligence Fortitude
Start 85 80 55 80
At each level + 26 + 22 + 10 + 22
Level 30 839 718 625 718
Level 50 1359 1158 1025 1158

Skill Development[edit]

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Basic skin[edit]

Skins available at the beginning.

Colors recquire 80 000 Gold to unlock.


Skin Dameer Wildborn.png

Rare Skin[edit]

Recquire 60 Shards to unlock.

Colors recquire 120 000 Gold to unlock.

Epic Skin[edit]

Recquire 100 Shards to unlock.

Colors recquire 150 000 Gold to unlock.

Bark Prince[edit]

Skin Dameer Bark Prince.png


Skin Dameer Feychild.png

Legendary Skin[edit]

Recquire 150 Shards to unlock.

Colors recquire 200 000 Gold to unlock.

Ascendant Wildborn[edit]

Skin Dameer Ascendant Wildborn.png

Son Of Solstice[edit]

Skin Dameer Son Of Solstice.png