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Basic Information

Info Crest.png Elden is a quick and nimble dual wielding frost construct with high attack speed that slows and potentially freezes enemies with each slice or javelin-throw.
He is one of the currently 10 Pagan Online Heroes

Frost | Dual stance | Weaponsmaster


Story Crest.png When he first awoke, there was only ice and snow.
He walked for days, lost in the swirling wind and frigid tunda, before he realized it was not hurting him - it was empowering him.

His essence has become frozen, his body and soul ice incarnate.
The Igman tribesman have called him Elden, but that name is all he has.
He still struggles and searches to remember his past, and his present is a constant flurry of demon slaughter - the creatures seem to loathe him with a passion... but the feeling is mutual.
His future should be that of answers, of murder and revelation, for though the Ice Warrior does not truly know his purpose, deep within he feels he is destinated... for something more.

Class: Frozen Soul

EldenCrest.png Elden is a sentinent ice elemental with a dark past.
His innate abilities of shaping and creating ice augment is his already unorthodox fighting style.


Skill-Tree-Crest.png Ability Tree of Elden


Legendaries of Elden

Level Up Bonuses

Elden gains every level:

Strength Dexterity Intelligence Fortitude
Start 100 70 30 100
At each level + 30 + 15 + 10 + 25
Level 30 970 505 320 825


Ice Warrior
Ice Warrior
Standard skin

Otherworld Survivor
Otherworld Survivor
60 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock

Otherworlder Knight
Otherworlder Knight
100 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock

Lost Soul
Lost Soul
100 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock

Templar of Morana
Templar of Morana
150 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock