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Each heroes has 4 Abilities that can be upgraded thanks to the Abilities page.

It can be easily accessed by the top selection tool :

Top Selection Abilities.png


Abilities Window 2.png

1.png The Ability Tree

2.png The Description of each Ability

3.png The Slots

4.png The Modifiers

5.png The Bonuses

Ability Tree

Each Hero have an Ability Tree where they can use their Potency Points.

When you edit your Ability Tree, you spend your Potency Points to unlock Ability. Every ability in the tree can be leveled up to level 3 with Potency points (near future plans include having gear that can level up abilities even further, up to Level 8)

Then each Ability have different Bonuses and Modifiers.


Once you press Confirm all your Potency Points are locked.

If you want to redo your Ability Tree press Respec.


The Abilities can be sorted in slots and casted with the different keys :

  • MMB (Mouse scroll wheel click)
  • E
  • F

In order to use a slot just unlock the Ability and drag it to the slot.

Abilities Key Slots.png

You can change the slots at any time and have two buttons available :


Respec allow you for 1 000 Gold to reset all your abilities which are locked once you Confirm them.


Reset is avaiable only when you still haven't invested your Potency Points (which mean you haven't press Confirm).

Your Potency Points are still temporarily assigned.


Bonuses off Icon.png
Bonuses on Icon.png

Bonuses are either new properties that can be added onto the ability or they are Bonuses to already existing ability parameters.

In order to access Bonuses you first need to unlock the Ability.


Abilities Modifiers off Icon.png
Abilities Modifiers on Icon.png

Modifiers further alter the ability itself.

In order to access Modifiers you first need to unlock the Bonuses.

Ability Tree List