King Vukashin

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King Vukashin is an Boss type in Pagan Online.

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King Vulkashin's reign is lauded as a golden age of law, craft and wisdom. But his death brought all that to an end. The warped energies of his magnificient tomb drew dark influences to his poisoned soul, cursing him to an unlife in the underground where he continues to command the loyalty of his servants, even in death.


  • Undead
  • Fighter
  • Tank
  • Summoner
  • Large
  • Melee


King Vukashin can be found in the following Campaign: The King of Nothing


King Vukashin is involved in the following hunts:


King Vukashin has 3 different spells.

Slowing Ring

Slowing Ring take time to cast :

King Vukashin Slowing Ring Casting.png

And then the ring is unavoidable and will slow you for a short time.

King Vukashin Slowing Ring.png

Bomb Drop

Bombs drops from time to time.

King Vukashin Bomb Drop.png


King Vulkashin can summon small and weak monsters.

King Vukashin Summoning.png