Desert Oaktoad

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Desert Oaktoad is an enemy in Pagan Online.

A melee enemy with devastating frontal, disabling attacks.

Desert Oaktoad in game.png
Desert Oaktoad Description.png

At he forefront of almost every recent invasion on Daeliblatt, the Desert Oaktoad is the result of an unfortunate accident. When the infighting of the gods caused the oasis of Veles to shrink and the desert to claim more and more territory, the trees that Veles created and maintained in the desert's core morphed into the Oaktoads - an avatar of strife amongst the gods, shaped by the tiny slivers of Shroud fog that made their way into Daeliblatt.


  • Beast
  • Tank
  • Disable
  • Large
  • Melee
  • Ranged


Desert Oaktoad can be found in the following Campaign :


Desert Oaktoad is involved in the following hunts: