Cyclops Warmonger

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Cyclops Warmonger is a common Monster in Pagan Online.

A slow-moving tank that buffs its allies' armor using its drum.

After their first major defeat at the hands of the gods, the Shroudborn demons that remained in the Land of Rod were rounded up by Perun and were about to be destroyed when Veles, God of Nature and Trickery, approached the ancestor and tribal leader of the Cyclops and asked them if they will be their heralds to the remaining demons, messengers of defeat. The Cyclops accepted, but Perun was not to be denied — the temperamental god fried out its right eye With lightning, condemning the entire race to return to the Shroud half-blind. When this race of demons finally returned to the Land of Rod, they were mutated, forever cursed With only one eye — perhaps as a taunt directed towards the God of Thunder.

TAGS Humanoid Tank Support Large Melee Ranged

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