Vile Bouler

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Vile Bouler is an Monster in Pagan Online.

A ranged tank With a high health pool that hurls rocks at his enem•es.

Vile Bouler in game.png
Vile Bouler Description.png

There is great debate on how time flows within the Shroud. Those unfortunate enough to have ventured into the Shroud without some form of protection claim that it flows differently, or sometimes not at all, compared to the Realms of Mortals. The Vile Boulers exploit this fact — they are creatures of habit, throwing their stones to crush Iesser creatures with glee in an endless time-loop, forever repeating their monotonous sport. This is Why they are such effective shock troops; the chance to play their stone- throwing game with living mortals as targets provides them with uncharacteristic fervor.


  • Demon
  • Fighter
  • Tank
  • Large
  • Melee


Vile Bouler can be found in the following Campaign :


Vile Bouler is involved in the following hunts: