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Controller support improvements v2.0 Easier loot pickup

Target decal

  • Moving Target decal now follows the camera position - not a position on the map
  • Activating abilities with target decal now rotates the hero toward the decal instead of toward the cursor

Targeting closest enemy

Implemented logic of targeting the opponent closest to the player by placing the targeting decal on the closest opponent the player is facing (or the closest in general if there is none in line of sight)

Targeting with Hector's abilities

  • 2-Rats Ability - target decal added
  • Oil Spill - target decal added

Confirmation Dialog for gamepad support

  • Battlefield Hero confirmation (a dialog appears at the end of Battlefield to confirm the choice of hero)
  • Survival / Expedition Choice window (every time a player has to decide whether to end an expedition or survival or some other type of mission)
  • Shroud Cage confirmation (when a player activates a shroud cage, chooses whether or not to spend the key on it)
  • Wisdom Totem confirmation (when a player activates a wisdom totem, chooses whether to use a wisdom talisman or not)
  • Implementing support for using the confirmation dialog with the gamepad

Fable Forge and gamepad

  • Use RB/LB to move around between windows

Instead of Press "R" to interact we need to have a controller icon while we are playing a game with a controller.

Hero Forge

Added preview for item origins in Hero Forge

Bug fixes



  • Fixed Wits and Wisdom skill that blocks the cooldown of the second charge of Jump Out
  • Fixed LMB spam causing freeze or crash


  • Fixed Tarot not working properly
  • Fixed misplaced tooltip on Own the Stage


  • Fixed Hammerfall - Avalanche upgrade issue


  • Fixed for Scrap-o-tron - Cluster shot knockback issue


  • Fixed Vavvan rubber-banding issue

Hero Forge

  • Fixed Hero Forge UI glitch


Fixed bug with party invite and map suggestion not being sent


Fixed stability issues that were causing crashes


Gold, Potions, Key Materials, Hero Shards and Artifacts are independent of other filters (rarity and quality)

Auto-loot is enabled by default for Gold, Potions, Key Materials, Hero Shards and Artifacts


Fixed layout for loc text

Fixed almost all overlapping UI texts

Translated and fixed all issues in:


  • Change language” from start on all languages
  • Keyboard & Mouse Controls
  • Gamepad Options


  • Region names
  • Issue with hovers in Rewards tab in “Assassinations”
  • Countdown time format in “Missions”


  • Hover descriptions over items
  • Sorting options alignment


  • Confirm button
  • All spells and nodes

Hero Forge



  • Countdown time format
  • Issue with hover text over “Accept”, “Cancel” and “Claim” button

Fixed an issue with the description in the “Threats” popup tab

Fixed almost all issues with Female, Male and Neutral gender formatting in all dialogues and items

Translated all in-game pop-up info

Fixed all issues in the Victory screen

Fixed all known mismatches with texts and voice-overs in English