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Good evening Pagans. We just finished work on a big hotfix and QoL patch to be deployed Friday, July 19 at 14:30 UTC. Expect 1,5 hours downtime. This patch brings regular server restarts which will significantly improve performance, and we're looking forward to hear what your experience is as a result. Drop us a comment to let us know!


  • Anya's Swarm with Vortex modifier no longer causes issues in a boss fight
  • Anya's Bloodsucker no longer has negative life steal
  • Fixed a bug where Kingewitch’s Flamestrike crashed the game
  • Fixed a bug with Kingewitch’s Stomp Quick Recovery modifier


  • Fixed issues with players unable to click “Battle Now” button, or enter the Hero Forge after “Battle Now” is unresponsive
  • Assassinations now count for mission block unlock
  • Hero models no longer linger in Pantheon after going into a battle
  • Pets no longer have overhead health bars in Pantheon


  • Fixed issue with NaN items dropping in Gauntlet mission
  • Fixed issues with random game crash after finishing a mission
  • Fixed server disconnect after missions
  • Fixed server timeout after doing The Gauntlet
  • Fixed a bug where players get caught between two barriers in battles
  • Fixed an issue where a cutscene doesn’t end, disallowing the player to continue the campaign
  • The final boss can no longer attack players while dialogue is active


  • Fixed a bug where players were not able to load a map or Hero Forge with a full stash
  • Fixed a bug where amulets were being equipped in tome slot, on fast clicking and swapping
  • Recipes no longer display placeholder materials
  • Max resists stats are buffed and can no longer go below 0.



  • Audio for Brod’s death animation
  • BrodTheTidemancer additional audio for BF
  • Audio for the animation of Perun spawning
  • Audio for Veles Dialogue in BF
  • Additional audio for Steering Wheel


Metrics server

  • Fix for item lookup metric
  • Fix for sending session start and session end to WG platform

Ansible scripts

  • Lobby configuration for auto restart
  • Configuration for push metrics