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Patch notes: 0.4.2

Greetings, Pagans!

Tracking down lots of issues can prove to be a difficult task, but with the support of all of you we are back with an update to some of the features which will improve your experience.
You can expect small changes regarding the QoL in the party HUD, more balanced boss fights, and to have your rewards from slaying monsters and finishing missions in your inventory at the end of it.
The complete list of all the changes can be seen below. Gear up, as this patch has plenty of fixes that will help you become a threat that all of the Shroud will learn to fear.

Jovana Dubaić, QA team

Hero power balance

Fixed a bug where:

  • Critical damage was not applying
  • Anya’s Spinning Slash (RMB) was not reflecting projectiles
  • Dameer’s Berserk during Kablar boss fight was permanent
  • Vavvan was hitting too fast
  • Abomination of Chernobog jumped on Kingewitch and floated above the ground or got stuck in the ground
  • Morokh passive was not stacking.


  • Vavvan's stat calculation

What awaits in the pantheon

Fixed a bug where:

  • It was possible to suggest campaign boss fight maps while in the party
  • It wasn’t possible to exit party on Pantheon HUD widget
  • Friends disappeared on refresh.

Crafting and Pantheon improvements

Fixed a bug where:

  • Hover of material cards displayed a different number than the one in the crafted item
  • Hover description of Blueprint lacked tier line and diamond
  • Item stats didn’t match crafting bench stats
  • Incorrect amount of materials was spent on crafting
  • Placeholder text was in hover of material cards in the crafting machine
  • Wrong stats were displayed on Morokh’s weapon “Memento Mori”
  • There was an issue with Valeria’s base weapon.


  • Stats for Legendary wards.


  • Tier mark to Blueprints and Recipe hovers.


Fixed a bug where:

  • In Igman 5 (Siege Survival campaign), soldier was not interactable at the end of the run
  • Ballistas were not slowing Kablar
  • Usud got stuck in the dome phase
  • Multipliers for HP and damage of the enemies were too high on higher difficulties.

Battling in the Arena

Fixed a bug where:

  • Barrier didn’t spawn at the beginning of the encounter in Desperate Measures - Patrol (Vladar Burial Grounds)
  • Enemy was not responding (Mladen the Half-Elbow)
  • Defense at Igman didn’t end
  • Players were not receiving credit for completing master difficulty missions to unlock Power Overwhelming (Valeria) assassinations
  • There was an incomplete encounter barrier - Entropy Ruins.

Improved options

Fixed a bug where:

  • It was possible to bind the same mouse click on two different spells
  • There was an issue with key binding widget on changing focus.


Fixed a bug where:

  • Voiceover was different from text.



  • Korean font is improved