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Greetings Pagans,

I’m very glad to announce another patch, which will address a few key issues we’ve recognized as a recurring theme in the massive feedback you guys have been providing. Among other things, we’re making some changes which should increase the gameplay impact of legendary items; we’re amping up the challenge on higher difficulties; and we’re giving new players an option to change their starting hero much sooner. We’ve also been working on enhancing the co-op experience, making balance tweaks, further polishing the visuals/audio, and, of course, squashing bugs.

Right now, we’re focusing on improving the game’s stability and bringing you new content, along with new ways to play and experience the realms of Pagan Online.

Our team of audio Pagans is cooking up some fresh music and sounds, including area-specific atmospheric ambiences, gritty combat soundtracks and lots of revised sound effects for axe swings, spells, impacts, roars and other juicy stuff from the game. We really like to hear your opinion on how the game sounds - whether there’s a sound effect you really find satisfying, or there’s a voice line that gets on your nerves, share your opinion with us. We’re always listening!

Dimitrije Cvetković, Audio Lead


We recognize that legendary items are not on par with epic items of the same level and that was happening partly due to the items themselves having non-optimal stat pools and not being affected by bonuses from crafting and reforging. Our aim is for legendary gear to always be the “obvious best choice” but with the possibility of epic gear rolling random, better, sets of stats for certain builds.

  • Most Legendary Items were completely rebalanced
  • New Legendary items with Item Quality Level 40+ added
  • Some items temporarily require Legacy Rank 8 (due to base items not being set up properly)
  • Legendaries now are properly affected by crafting/reforge bonuses. You can reforge already existing *legendaries in order to get the bonuses. Reforging legendaries does not randomly roll stat types, only values, so materials and artifacts are used to min-max them
  • Some legendary items are obtainable only via drops; they also can be reforged.


We want, when you have the best possible gear, for you to have a proper challenge on the highest difficulties. We do not want one-shottable bosses or bosses that can be killed in 10 second. That means we will constantly be tweaking difficulty balance. For this update we felt like the game was too easy on higher difficulties and adjusted the values accordingly. We will closely monitor this and we are expecting your feedback to help us balance it further.

  • Hard Difficulty
    • Enemy health pool roughly increased by 300% and damage by 100%
    • Environment interactables’ damage increased by 300%
    • Defense Missions: Shrine Health increased by 200%.
  • Master Difficulty
    • Enemy health pool roughly increased by 350% and damage by 200%
    • Environment interactables’ damage increased by 350%
    • Defense Missions: Shrine Health increased by 300%.
  • Armor and Resistance Penalties: players now start with -25% armor and resistances on hard difficulty and -50% armor and resistances on master difficulty.


For this patch for co-op we are focusing on fixing immediate glitches while we plan some more quality of life changes in the future. Those include UI clarification, more optimization on net code, having 4 player co-op, and working on having the campaign being playable in co-op. That last one requires some technical wizardry on our part and will take longer.

  • Threats can now be played in co-op
  • Changing difficulty for co-op missions is now possible
  • Co-op will spawn more enemies depending on the number of players and difficulty selected
  • Slightly increased damage and health in co-op depending on number of players
  • Some bosses received fixes for co-op, namely Kablar, Veles and Furun. Not all bugs are ironed out and we will continue to work on them.


It turned out that locking you to your starting hero without being able to try all three of them was a bad idea. We want to change that. This is only the first change in the way heroes are unlocked, with more coming (more about that in upcoming patches).

Starting Hero Pick

  • Players are now prompted about if they really want to commit to the chosen hero at the end of the tutorial. If not, they can pick another and try them out.

Note: it is a known issue that players are forced to relog when repicking a tutorial hero.


  • Immunity duration to hard crowd control (stun, knockback, fear…) after being CCed once increased from 1.5s to 2.5s.


  • Thunderfist: Now consumes static charge and gains 1% per stack consumed.


  • Passive: Changed so instead of 50% attack speed she now gains 25% critical strike chance.


  • Primary boomerang attack damage reduced roughly by 25%.


We are tweaking some level 40+ missions, adding new drops and rewards and rebalancing stuff. In the background we are working on more missions in term of content quantity but they are not quite ready and will most likely come soon with the Act 6 Campaign update.

The Gauntlet

  • Now has proper rewards depending on difficulty (materials, recipes, blueprints)
  • Lord Gvozden’s Bastard Cousin now occupies the Gauntlet. He might drop some exclusive Legendary Weapons
  • Rebalanced prompt to ask players to withdraw every 30 waves (up from 10).

The Ghost of Usud Past, The Last Laugh, Soulsmith Reforged

  • New level 41+ legendary gear can drop from bosses in these missions
  • New level 41+ legendary blueprints can drop from bosses in these missions.


We are bringing a variety of fixes and improvements in several areas of the game. These might be small but we always tend to squeeze some of them in as we feel we need constantly to improve on quality of life.

Alternative Control Scheme

Players can select alternative control scheme in options:

This scheme is set up so that the W key always moves the hero towards the mouse pointer, while A, D keys function as strafe buttons. (Hint: rebinding LMB to Move Up and using this control scheme will somewhat resemble mouse-to-move while holding LMB).

Battle HUD Improvements

  • Enemy health bars improved
  • Added health bar for primary target at the top of the screen. It contains useful information like enemy name, level, characteristics
  • Redesigned level up graphics.

In-combat loot & autopick selection

  • You can loot in-combat while holding ALT key
  • It is now possible to choose what is being autopicked from the ground. Find this option in “Gameplay Options”. Currentlfilters are: Gold, Health Potions, Materials, Hero Shards, Artifacts, Quest Items, Base Items, Magic Items, Rare Items, Epic Items, Legendary Items, Rare Recipes, Epic Recipes, Legendary Blueprints.

Ability Tree Respec

  • It is now possible to change which modifier node is active in your ability upgrades.

Login screen News

  • Added news to the login screen.


  • Timestamp implemented.