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Greetings Pagans!

We will be introducing Patch 0.1.1. on April 26, 2019 at 05:00 UTC.

Pagan Online will be unavailable between 05:00 and 06:00 UTC while we deploy the patch.

This is a first-response quick fix patch that should address some immediate concerns. Mainly the balancing of heroes, enemies, and content post Act 5. That said, I want to share some bits that we are planning for the immediate future.

Co-op is still our top priority.

Damage Calculation Model: we recently discovered some deeper problems in the system which we will be solving ASAP. We need to work on that as well as better clarification of how the abilities scale with stats.

Boss tweaks: several existing bosses will need an update to some degree of their mechanics, Furun the Soulsmith before all, and that is something we want to improve.

Some areas that we are also looking at are the “attack while moving” options, and an alternative control system. We are not implementing click-to-move as we are firm believers in WASD overall, but we are experimenting with an alternative control system that will allow you to move always towards the mouse pointer with your “W” key. No promise they’ll turn up in the game, we're only tinkering right now.

We are immensely happy to share this voyage with you.

Emil aka Easymode, Lead Game Designer*

PATCH NOTES : 0.1.1.

Quick fixes and balancing issues


Heroes were played, monsters were slain. Sometimes efficiently, other times too efficiently. We are deploying our first round of balance tweaks to several heroes, but we will continue to monitor and tweak things further for sure.


Lukian's rotations were too strong with a lot of cooldown reduction resulting in some superior rotations that allowed for the easy killing of enemies by permanently blinding them. Most of his tweaks are towards cooldowns, while keeping his firepower intact for now.

• Passive: Cooldown reduction decreased from 3s to 2s for each invocation

• Flame Prayer: Cooldown reduction decreased from 5s to 2s

• Sigil of Perun: Blind duration decreased from 5s to 3s and is applied on cast only.


Dameer's damage potential with his Bearserk ability was way off scale and needed to be toned down in its damage potential and duration. This is a big nerf, but much needed and we will continue to monitor Dameer’s performance. To compensate for nerfs, we are also adding some buffs. Dameer is now able to move and attack simultaneously.

Bearserk • Base duration decreased from 14s to 7s

• Per level duration bonus decreased from 1s to 0.5s

• Move speed bonus decreased from 50% to 25%

• Attack speed bonus decreased from 100% to 50%

• Damage Bonus decreased from 300% to 100%

• Spell upgrade Damage Bonus node decreased from 150% to 70%

• Spell upgrade Move Speed node decreased from 50% to 25%

• Primary Attack in Bearserk mode will generally be less powerful

• Secondary Attack in Bearserk mode gets a cooldown of 2s

Vavvan (Bear Companion) • Bear's attacks in non-BEARserk mode now benefit only from physical damage bonuses.


Anya was super strong at one point during the Trials and got nerfed heavily, so now she is receiving some minor buffs to her abilities and a decrease to her whip range which was too long. This is most likely only the first buff for Anya to receive.

• Primary Attack: range shortened from 10m to 9m

• Passive: Health restore per fragment increased from 1% to 1.5% and damage buff per stack increased from 2% to 3% per stack

• Bloodsucker: Damage Increased from 180% to 250%.


Wiki Note: While listed as a change in this patch, Masha's passive was NOT changed.

Masha is getting some overall buffs and tweaks, mainly to her passive, that will help with moving around, avoiding damage, and her sustain in fights.

• Passive: Reworked. Instead of granting dodge while attacking with primary attack, it now grants a 40% chance to dodge after casting any ability and each successful dodge heals Masha for 2% of max health. Evasion from gear is converted into spell damage bonus instead of critical chance

• Bladestorm: Damage increased from 100% to 150%, can be cast while moving.


While we are happy that some players managed to break the game and overpower the content, we are approaching it with caution and buffing and tweaking some things around combat, levels, missions, and bosses.

• Rebalanced some Hunt Mission requirements that were too steep

• All bosses in level 41+ missions received a buff

• Level 41+ missions are not all level 41 anymore. Two of them are level 42 and 44

• Gauntlet Survival mission changed from level 50 to level 48

• Fixed overall drop rates

• Furun the Soulsmith

• Soul Siphon ability fixed - now leeches health properly

• Received overall stat buff to be beefier

• Removed Leaderboard ranking if you are not in top 10.


We noticed some glitches in the game and we are deploying enough code here to fix the critical stuff like obtaining some items and unlocking an end-game assassination.

• Fixed a bug with drops of level 21 to level 30 item blueprints

• Fixed a bug with drops of Harrowing Key fragments. They now drop in level 41+ missions.


Some SFX polish is in order, a thing we continue working on at all times.

• Removed some unused sounds and tracks

• NPC Corpse Hag - sound implemented

• Increased speed of all Old Man voiceovers

• Fixed sound issue with opening inventory during dialog

• Polished all voiceovers in Pantheon

• Fixed non-triggering of firework launch sounds

• Implemented God Sigil sounds during tutorial quest with pantheon thrones

• Valeria has some new SFX and additional polish to existing SFX

• Level up sound effect polished


• CHAT - Each particular lobby will have their own chat

• CHAT - Global chat fixes

• Fixed game crash when killing enemies after the battle has ended

• Fixed game crash with rerolling missions

• Fixed bug with minimap markers in tutorial

• Fixed decal on the ground after the first tutorial

• Fixed some navigation mesh problems

• Fixed several collision and encounter spawner problems.