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Basic Information[edit]

Valeria, The Royal Assassin is a ranged based hero that uses crossbows to shoot at enemies from a distance. She is one of the currently 8 Pagan Online heroes.

Huntress | Ranged | Strength


Hailing from Valence, a technologically advanced land that lies beyond the Shroud, Valeria is here for one reason only: to prevent the Shroud from spilling into her lands. Demon slaying from dawn until way beyond dusk may seem like a daunting challenge to most, but there aren’t many problems that can’t be solved with her trusty crossbow. After all, she didn’t become Royal Assassin with witty banter alone.

Class: The Royal Assassin[edit]

An agile hunter that slays her enemies with a ranged, ultra-fast, automated crossbow bolt spam. The more she avoids danger, the faster she attacks and moves. Her array of ranged abilities and traps, combined with a shadow clone capable of replicating her spells, makes her a veritable engine of destruction.


See Ability Tree

Level Up Bonuses[edit]

Each time she levels up Valeria gains :

Strength Dexterity Intelligence Fortitude
Start 90 90 50 70
At each level + 26 + 26 + 10 + 18
Level 30 844 844 340 592
Level 50 1364 1364 540 952

Skill Development[edit]

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  • Although her main stat is listed as Strength, it is actually both Strength and Dexterity. The format of the “Base Information” simply won’t allow showing both. It is advised to keep both of these stats level.


Basic skin[edit]

Skins available at the beginning.

Colors recquire 80 000 Gold to unlock.

The Royal Assassin[edit]

Skin Valeria The Royal Assassin.png

Epic Skin[edit]

Recquire 100 Shards to unlock.

Colors recquire 150 000 Gold to unlock.

King Killer[edit]

Skin Valeria King Killer.png

Legendary Skin[edit]

Recquire 150 Shards to unlock.

Colors recquire 200 000 Gold to unlock.

Disguised Royalty[edit]

Skin Valeria Disguised Royalty.png

Rogue Traverler[edit]

Skin Valeria Rogue Traveler.png

Order Of The Falcon[edit]

Skin Valeria Order Of The Falcon.png