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Hellio, The Antiquarian

The door to the old curio shop opened with a tired whimper, substituted by a wizened head of its proprietor. "Whadda ya want?", he asked in a demanding tone, my visage
undergoing thorough scrutiny by his hateful eye. Digging deep into my pockets, I carefully pulled out and presented him with a transparent gemstone. In a moment, his countenance
took a slightly more appealing look: "Ohhh, a customer! Hush, come in quickly!", the old geezer whispered as he pulled me into the house, locking the door
and pointing me to the table where he conducted his business.

With both astonishment and dread did I observe the grim sacrificial dagger, shifting my view towards an ancient device for telling time, which was especially useful for miners.
The strange three-eyed raven, perched upon what seemed like a ritual cup, followed my every move, and I could swear that the same held true for the skull wand - something
about those deep, dark eyeholes deeply disturbed me. The shop proprietor approached the other end of the table, sat down, and held the coveted gemstone firmly between his
fingers. "You know the procedure - put your finger here", he said pointing to the sharp protrusion at one of gemstone's ends. Pressing my finger down hard, I could feel my very
life essence pouring into that accursed thing - what looked like a nifty trinket a second ago turned into a Blood Gem - the black market currency throughout Valencia's

The Antiquarian grinned, flashing his set of golden teeth, rolled up his sleeves and punctured a spot along the curvy line running down his arm
(the so-called "credit line" that these shady folk presented to eachother, vouching for their wealth) - judging by many spots gracing his arms, this guy might very well be one of the
more influental crime bosses. Suddenly, as my eyelids started to close down slowly, he leaned towards me, asking: "Now... how can I be of service, your Excellency?"

Written by ShroudedOne