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In Survival Missions, the player must kill multiple rounds of waves of monsters (on a timer) until exiting the mission, or completing all waves and fighting an Elite monster at the end. The player may not change gear during this mission.

Note: While most missions fall into a certain range they can spawn at, particular missions are set levels as depicted.

Mission Group Mission Name Mission Area Mission Level* Might Mini Boss
Aspiring Hero I The Dancing Dead Karadol 1-5 900 Mortarion the Bold
Skill and Stamina Igman 1-5 900 Overseer Ratkor of the Frigid Tribes
Aspiring Hero II With Grit and Resolve Igman 6-10 1.4K Tyrant Grozdan
Dawn of the Living Karadol 6-10 1.4K Ilya Hatemonger
A Quest for Acclaim I The Path of the Ranger Karadol 11-15 2.8K Fanya Two-Claws
Secret Screams Karadol 11-15 2.8K Dragann Soulreaper
The Thawing of the Dawn Igman 11-15 2.8K Amel Bitingblade
A Quest for Acclaim II A Dying Hope Karadol 16-20 3.5K Utvar of the Shadows
Blood Sacrifice Karadol 16-20 3.5K Lord Voss of the Suffering Soul
A Cut Too Deep Igman 16-20 3.5K Greywind Claw
Warrior's Dance Til the Last Dying Breath Deliblat 21-25 5.2K Despot Bahatt the Gluttonous
From Dusk Till Dawn Karadol 21-25 5.2K Trulezh the Putrid
Fear the Faithless Karadol 21-25 5.2K Mirko Sirovina
Glory is Eternal Fate's Weave Adria 26-30 6.2K Barkshield Dolbran of the Forest Guard
A Daring Escape Adria 26-30 6.2K Warmonger Napad the Relentless
Consigned to Oblivion Igman 26-30 6.2K Gvozden Spinebreaker
All Heroes Fall The Trials of Igman Igman 31-35 8.5k Bonsek Four-Knives
Root and Branch Adria 31-35 8.5k Kanadez Wildblood
The Scorching Path to Impossible Deliblat 31-35 8.5k Pozar the Incinerator
Mastery Unleashed The Witching Hour Karadol 36-40 11k Branamir the Abhorrent
Blood for Blood Adria 36-40 11k Kerr Darkside
Already Dead Deliblat 36-40 11k Aksha The Sting of Betrayal
End Times The Gauntlet Karadol 48 15k Ukhop the Boiling Death, Lord Bloodchill,

Dragann Soulreaper, Shtekk Eagleye