Stone Golem

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Stone Golem is a Monster in Pagan Online.

A bruiser with a large health pool that charges and spawns stone walls from his charge. Hits hard and has a booming shout attack that silences its foes.

Stone Golem in game.png
Stone Golem Description.png

Veles proclaimed mastery over all living things, but he never condoned golems — a fusion of spirit and matter that is neither dead nor alive. Stone Golems are a natural occurrence, but the more dangerous and heretical kind are those created by the invading Shroud demons_ These exhibit aggression unheard of from calm spirits such as earth elementals.


  • Construct
  • Tank
  • Disabler
  • Support
  • Large
  • Melee


Stone Golem can be found on :


Stone Golem is involved in the following hunts: