Solar Wizard

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Solar Wizard is a common Monster in Pagan Online.

A ranged spellcaster that attacks With magic projectiles. It can Channel a powerful flame beam and burst-damage any enemy foolish enough to remain still.

Long aga. the god Dabog decreed that no mortal can harness the power of the Sun for their own purposes; the light of the Sun is a gift from Svarog himselt. given to Dabog to distribute and control. As Daeliblatt descended into lawlessness and the invasions took most of Dabog's attention away from the desert, decrepit and power hungry individuals began to dabble in forbidden magics that used the Sun for destruction. It is no wonder that, when the demons came, thev were some of the first to be possessed into servitude.

TAGS Humanoid Fighter Disabler Medium Ranged Channeling

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