Serpentine Savant

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Serpentine Savant is a Monster in Pagan Online.

A deadly support enemy that can heal its allies and even make them completely invulnerable.

Serpentine Savant in game.png
Serpentine Savant Description.png

Certain Shroud demons predate the demonic invasions of Igman and their dark commanders. In ages past, when demons and mortals were not at war, the Serpentine Savants were benevolent entities of healing and knowledge. No one truly knows what went wrong or why these graceful clerics of unknown gods chose to throw their lot in with the invading demons, but they are now some of the most lethal enemies a mortal can face in the deserts of Daeliblatt.


  • Beast
  • Fighter
  • Support
  • Medium size
  • Ranged


Serpentine Savant can be found on :


Serpentine Savant is involved in the following hunts: