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School of Magic is an Item bonus (also called Origin Bonus).

It is a feature meant to add another layer to itemization in Pagan Online, and allow players to add brand new visuals to their characters.
For now, a set of items belonging to a specific School of Magic will only grant a stat bonus on items of the same school, as well as some stunning visual effects on your character.

  • Each item that drops will have a chance to be either a base item, or to belong to one of five Schools of Magic. These chances are low for lower level items and gradually become higher with higher item and enemy levels.
  • Once players collect three, five, or eight items of the same School of Magic, visual effects begin appearing on the character.
  • Sets of 3 items or more grant Auras, visible beneath player characters.
  • Sets of 5 items or more grant visual effects around the player characters.
  • Sets of 8 items or more grant ethereal wings, which move in unison with the player character.
  • Different Schools have differently themed and colored effects.
  • No matter which School the set belongs to, the players will receive a buff to all their stats on their currently equipped gear.
    The stat buff is dependent on the number of items the player has and whether the School of Magic is more common (3 Schools in total) or more rare (2 Schools in total).

You can find here all different Schools, their visual effects and the stats Bonus they are providing.

Heritage of Darkness

School color: Purple
Full set bonus: 15% items stats bonus

Gift of Svarog

School color: Red
Full set bonus: 25% items stats bonus

Battle-Remnant of Krah

School color: Green
Full set bonus: 15% items stats bonus

Bathed in Dragonflame

School color: Yellow
Full set bonus: 15% items stats bonus

Titan Forged

School color: Blue
Full set bonus: 25% items stats bonus