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Developed in co-operation between Mad Head Games and Wargaming, Pagan Online is a fast-paced hack-and-slash action RPG set in a fantasy universe that is inspired by Slavic myths. It is a premium game that offers a rich PvE experience.


We created Pagan Online with one idea in mind - to allow players to be the most legendary version of themselves. We wanted you to be able to show off all of your skills - to weave circles around your opponents and make them crumble beneath your might. We wanted you to encounter mysterious artifacts and powerful weapons, which serve as trophies of your dominance. Finally, we wanted you to be able to wield these trophies, to exploit them in your brand new quest for power. Crush your foes, collect treasures and craft items of unfathomable power - welcome to Pagan Online!

Combat System

Our Combat System is specifically designed to feel challenging and, most importantly, fun. This is why battles in Pagan Online are orchestrated and tuned to present a challenge, a little goal to achieve in itself while you’re on your quest for amazing loot.

Although theory-crafting with a multitude of stats and numbers is surely an important part of your journey, we wanted to give your reflexes a chance to shine as well. For this reason, we’ve decided to stick with WASD command scheme, allowing you to respond to any situation as quickly as possible, as well as unleash devastating combos.

The Social Hub

Pagan Online is meant to be played alongside other heroes such as yourself. Your friends, allies and competitors are right here in the Pantheon, a social hub designed for you to take a break between battles, upgrade your hero and share your experiences with others. As such, the Pantheon allows you to chat and connect with other players, as well as flaunt outrageous vanity pieces. Since the Pantheon has a special place in our hearts, we as developers will continue to work hard in order to bring you new functionalities and new ways to interact with your fellow Pagans, while lounging in the fortress of Gods.

When we ship co-op (coming soon!), this will also be where you can find party members and fellow adventurers who are ready to take on bigger things.

The Hero Forge

Plenty of characters await you in the Pantheon, and all of them are unlockable through gameplay! Playing with different heroes is at the core of Pagan Online, and collecting and leveling heroes will not only allow you to crush formidable foes in fresh, new ways, but will also unlock special benefits on your account (including, but not limited to, XP boosts, access to amazing new gear and content, etc).

All hero details, including customization options, adorable pets, and stats, are available at your very own Hero Forge, which is located in the Pantheon. While you’re trying out our colorful roster of eight unique heroes, complete with 4 skins and 8 color variations (for each skin!) our design team is already cooking up brand new characters, which reinvent the way you’re playing the game.

Although upgrading your heroes’ abilities is currently an important part of your hero journey, our next priority is to make the character skill upgrade system more complex and more meaningful at the same time, so no two heroes feel the same.


The storyline of Pagan Online is a unique one, not only in the sense that it’s based on captivating Slavic mythology, but also in that it contains dozens of hours worth of picking apart demons, fraternizing with Gods and learning of the Land of Rod’s troubled existence. Spread across four distinctive zones and five campaign acts, Pagan Online offers a beautiful visual and narrative journey, completely immersing you in its exceptional and enigmatic campaign.

Because we are lore geeks at hearts as well, we plan to expand on our existing campaign, with Act 6 soon to follow after Early Access becomes available, and as more updates start rolling in, you can also expect completely new threads of narrative.

Mission System

After you manage to fight your way through the entangled storyline, or just when you’re ready to take a break from dealing with fickle Gods and gruesome demons, you can test your might in all kinds of different side missions. From backbreaking defenses to survivals from which you’ll pull through by the skin of your teeth; from perilous expeditions to bloodthirsty hunts - all this content offers you infinite replayability in a race for amazing rewards, as well as bragging rights.

Glory System

Finishing special challenges in battles and slashing through enemies just a little bit more competently than the next guy or gal, will award you extra Glory points for your effort, placing you among the most dominant masters of combat and tactics. Leaderboards let you keep track of your climb through the ranks and your place among the best of the best.

The competitive experience in Pagan Online is something we plan to elevate even further in upcoming patches, which means allowing you to surpass your peers in more meaningful ways, and gain special rewards for your effort in the competitive arena.


Playing with your friends is one of our most important objectives when it comes to Pagan Online. This option is not going to be available to you straight out of the gate, since we plan to enhance and tweak our co-op feature a bit further before releasing it. With that in mind, co-op won’t be functional right away in Early Access, but allowing you to play alongside your friends is our top priority and a feature which we will do our absolute best to deliver to you in the nearest possible future, so be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming patches!

Crafting System

Slaying demons, beating your friend’s high score or saving the Gods themselves - none of these things would be possible without gear fitted to your specific needs. Using our unique crafting system, you can make gear tailored to your current goal - be it survivability, dishing out insane amounts of damage or manipulating the elements - the abundance of recipes and gear will make you battle-ready in every situation.

The most powerful of all crafted gear will even alter your existing spells in new and exciting ways, enabling you to hack your way through the battlefield like a true legend.

In the updates to come, we hope to provide you with even more control over which recipes and materials you can utilize on your path to becoming the most efficient killing machine possible.

Itemization and Might

Tracking how powerful an item is (and how powerful you are, for that matter), is made easy through Pagan Online’s Might score, which directly corresponds to items’ stats and effects. Might is currently meant to be used as a personal compass of sorts, allowing you to gauge your readiness for combat in especially difficult missions and to assess which piece of gear is better at a glance. New, more powerful items are definitely in the works, and, as the game develops, so will your potential for devastating your foes and climbing the leaderboard.

Controller Support

Pagan Online is meant to be as responsive as possible, and this, for us, means providing our audience which is more accustomed to a controller than a mouse and keyboard, with a way to dominate the battlefield as well. Continuing to improve the experience on a controller, as well as making both the battles and the menus easier to navigate is something our tech team works continuously on and expects to deliver later this year.

Sound & Music

The Pagan Online audio team aimed to create a satisfying and immersive listening experience, which both improves the gameplay feel and reinforces the game’s atmosphere. We’ve done our best to achieve this goal and to paint you a better picture of our fantasy world by wielding our musical know-how.

In the following period, we plan to both polish and add more variation to existing sounds, especially when it comes to heroes and hero animation. Voice-overs are something that is expected to expand, both in a sense of adding more hero and enemy voice-overs, as well as enhancing the quality and intelligibility of existing voice lines. Finally, we plan to keep each area recognizable and distinctive, by adding even more area specific music and fine-tuning the existing themes.


Pagan Online is a unique adventure and we want to you to be able to experience it to the fullest. This is why the team worked hard to allow you to play the game in a language you’re most comfortable with - in Early Access, Pagan Online will be available in the following languages: • English • German • French • Polish • Russian • Spanish • Portuguese


Although we did our best to make the experience even across all languages, there may be some lost-in-translation points, that we hope to fix as soon as possible.