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Pagan Online is an isometric Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) game designed by Mad Head Games and published by Wargaming.

Pagan Online officially launches on August 27 !!

Current Version: Version

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Pagan Online Design Philosophy

The core game play and most of the important features are already implemented, so you’ll get:

  • Eight unlockable heroes each with unique play styles!!!
  • AFK-proof combat and challenging battles versus mobs, elites, and despicable bosses.
  • WASD movement controls with complimentary mouse aim so you can take the wheel and deploy precise tactics on the battlefield.
  • Three levels of difficulty – if "normal" doesn’t scratch your itch.
  • Compelling story campaign of five acts, inspired by Slavic Mythology.
  • "Legacy Points" progression system - unlock all eight heroes to get access to the biggest and baddest challenges (and rewards!).
  • Satisfying Crafting system which lets you forge the weapon that is just right for you.
  • Pantheon – your new home, a place to meet and show off.
  • Emotes, Skins and Pets for each hero – make a statement.
  • Game modes galore! Threats, Missions, Hunts, and Assassinations.
  • An Early Access exclusive companion pet – Archmage Woodward – who gives a 7% gold bonus!

What will be added during Early Access?

Lots of new content will be added during the Early Access period, the biggest of which is co-op! Cooperative play is a huge part of Pagan Online that the Pagan Online Team is polishing up and will be releasing very soon.

Expect to see more story line, along with which comes new zones and new enemies. Speaking of more content, this is just the beginning! The team is going to deliver new content regularly throughout the year so the story and game can evolve over time and give you new and creative ways to enjoy the game.