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Basic Information[edit]

Info Crest.png Morokh, The Shadow Incarnate is a melee caster hero that uses the power of darkness to strike down his enemies. He is one of the currently 10 Pagan Online heroes.

Assassin | Melee | Intelligence


Story Crest.png Morokh stood as a gatekeeper at the Soul Gate for an eternity, preserving balance and order.
Every soul seeking passage to the realm of the dead had to face his fair and just judgment first.
One fateful day, the precious balance of souls was shattered with the arrival of an overwhelming tide of souls.
Such was the influx of recently deceased, even dread guardian Morokh was unable to judge them all.
Incensed and more than a little curious, the Dark Sentinel travelled back to the world of the living to find out just who would have the audacity to dare send so many souls to a premature death.

Class: Shadow Incarnate[edit]

MorokhCrest.png Morohk is a melee caster, who reaps and cripples his enemies defenses in order to dish out massive damage.
Each hit on the enemy steals a part of its soul to fill Morohk’s Soul Essence container.
Soul Essence can be used to cast devastating black magic.


Skill-Tree-Crest.png Ability Tree of Morokh


Legendaries of Morokh

Level Up Bonuses[edit]

Morokh gains every level:

Strength Dexterity Intelligence Fortitude
Start 50 75 100 75
At each level + 16 + 20 + 24 + 20
Level 30 514 655 796 655


Keeper of Balance
Keeper of Balance
Standard skin

Death's Embrace
Death's Embrace
60 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock

Bringer of Judgement
Bringer of Judgement
100 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock

150 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock

Temple Guard
Temple Guard
150 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock