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Materials are used in the creation and reforging of items. Each material can have one or multiple effects on an item. Materials are broken down into Rare, Epic, and Legendary categories much like items.

Materials are broken down into four sub-categories based on attributes they change on an item:

  • STR - Strength - Overall Strength, Physical Damage, Fury Generation, Critical Hit Damage
  • DEX - Dexterity - Overall Dexterity, Attack Speed, Critical Hit Chance, Movement Speed
  • INT - Intelligence - Overall Intelligence, Spell Damage, Cooldown Reduction, Spell Resistance
  • FOR - Defense (Fortitude) - Affect Overall Defense, Maximum Health, Armor, Regeneration

Based on these four sub-categories, items can roll multiple prefixes and suffixes. The higher the tier and crafting level of the player, the higher the statistics on the item.


  • The list below is for Normal Difficulty only; increasing difficulty will add materials from other regions or simply increase the amount dropped of the same materials
  • Missions should always be completed fully to ensure full loot drops
  • Areas and Missions in the table do not correspond to each other
  • Higher chance does not guarantee a better result due to RNG drop rates

Icon Item
Type Area(s) Found High Drop Chance Mission
File:Sturdy Tools.png Sturdy Tools STR Igman
File:Construction Part.png Construction Part STR Karadol
File:Structural Renforcement.png Structural Reinforcement STR Deliblat
File:Weapon Fragment.png Weapon Fragment STR Igman Terror Comes From Within
From the Ground Up
File:Armor Segment.png Armor Segment STR Karadol
Count Plamen
Dire Straits and Dire Tidings
Zloran the Traitor
File:Architectural Element.png Architectural Element STR Deliblat Pas the Biter
Mistress of Anton
File:Ancient Relic.png Ancient Relic STR Igman
File:Ancestral Artifact.png Ancestral Artifact STR Karadol
File:Mighty Aegis.png Mighty Aegis STR Deliblat
File:Jagged Pelt.png Jagged Belt DEX Igman
File:Resilient Wood.png Resilient Wood DEX Karadol
File:Infused Leather.png Infused Leather DEX Deliblat
File:Growing Raiment.png Growing Raiment DEX Igman Zloran the Traitor
File:Living Plate.png Living Plate DEX Karadol
And Yet We Perservere
File:Arboreal Shard.png Arboreal Shard DEX Deliblat The Golden Guard
Shifting Sands
File:Slyvan Coat.png Sylvan Coat DEX Igman
File:Druidic Garment.png Druidic Garment DEX Karadol
File:Ranger Gear.png Ranger's Gear DEX Deliblat
File:Energy Orb.png Energy Orb INT Igman
File:Captured Lightning.png Captured Lightning INT Karadol
File:Crystallized Fire.png Crystallized Fire INT Deliblat
File:Bottled Gale.png Bottled Gale INT Igman
File:Enchanted Pyre.png Enchanted Pyre INT Karadol
An Ambush in the Gloom
File:Celestial Light.png Celestial Light INT Deliblat Pas the Biter
File:Elemental Force.png Elemental Force INT Igman
File:Divine Particle.png Divine Particle INT Karadol
File:Cosmic Spark.png Cosmic Spark INT Deliblat
Tissue.png Tissue FOR Igman
Bone.png Bone FOR Karadol
Organ.png Organ FOR Deliblat
Limb.png Limb FOR Igman The Trees Speak of Malice
Brain.png Brain FOR Karadol
Spine.png Spine FOR Deliblat Shifting Sands
File:Animated Parts.png Animated Parts FOR Igman And Yet We Perservere
File:Skeletal Construct.png Skeletal Construct FOR Karadol
And Yet We Perservere
Biomass.png Biomass FOR Deliblat And Yet We Perservere