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Basic Information[edit]

Masha, The Vagrant Champion is a melee bard type of hero which dances during the battle. She is one of the currently 8 Pagan Online heroes.

Fortune Teller | Melee | Intelligence


The Vagrant Champion, defender of the people, reader of fortunes, and dancer of chaos… is but an unsuspecting young woman. The collective spirit of five great oracles possesses her – her music is tinged with the wisdom of ages, her steps and sweeps suggestive of the wild abandon of a warrior who serves no master, God, or order. Masha serves only the downtrodden and abandoned.

Class: The Vagrant Champion[edit]

Masha’s gracious dance allows her to evade most incoming attacks while she unleashes a flurry of slashing strikes in return. She uses her Tarot cards to apply buffs to her abilities, and we all know Tarot can be a bit… random.


See Ability Tree

Level Up Bonuses[edit]

Each time she levels up Masha gains :

Strength Dexterity Intelligence Fortitude
Start 60 70 100 70
At each level + 16 + 20 + 28 + 16
Level 30 524 650 912 534
Level 50 844 1050 1472 854

Skill Development[edit]

[needs content]


[needs content]


Basic skin[edit]

Skins available at the beginning.

Colors recquire 80 000 Gold to unlock.

Vagrant Champion[edit]

Skin Masha Vagrant Champion.png

Rare Skin[edit]

Recquire 60 Shards to unlock.

Colors recquire 120 000 Gold to unlock.

Epic Skin[edit]

Recquire 100 Shards to unlock.

Colors recquire 150 000 Gold to unlock.

Vagrant Of Valence[edit]

Skin Masha Vagrant Of Valence.png

Legendary Skin[edit]

Recquire 150 Shards to unlock.

Colors recquire 200 000 Gold to unlock.

Royal Jester[edit]

Skin Masha Royal Jester.png

Death Dancer[edit]

Skin Masha Death Dancer.png

War Chant[edit]

Skin Masha War Chant.png