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Basic Information[edit]

Info Crest.png Masha, The Vagrant Champion is a melee bard type of hero which dances during the battle. She is one of the currently 10 Pagan Online heroes.

Fortune Teller | Melee | Intelligence


Story Crest.png The Vagrant Champion, defender of the people, reader of fortunes, and dancer of chaos… is but an unsuspecting young woman.
The collective spirit of five great oracles possesses her – her music is tinged with the wisdom of ages, her steps and sweeps suggestive of the wild abandon of a warrior who serves no master, God, or order.
Masha serves only the downtrodden and abandoned.

Class: The Vagrant Champion[edit]

MashaCrest.png Masha’s gracious dance allows her to evade most incoming attacks while she unleashes a flurry of slashing strikes in return.
She uses her Tarot cards to apply buffs to her abilities, and we all know Tarot can be a bit… random.


Skill-Tree-Crest.png Ability Tree of Masha


Legendaries of Masha

Level Up Bonuses[edit]

Masha gains every level:

Strength Dexterity Intelligence Fortitude
Start 60 70 100 70
At each level + 16 + 20 + 28 + 16
Level 30 524 650 912 534


Vagrant Champion
Vagrant Champion
Standard skin

Vagrant of Valence
Vagrant Of Valence
100 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock

Royal Jester
Royal Jester
150 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock

Death Dancer
Death Dancer
150 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock

War Chant
War Chant
150 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock