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=== Tick Tock  ===
=== Tick Tock  ===
[[File:Marker Tick Tock.png]] What the hell is this?
[[File:Marker Tick Tock.png]] [[Challenges|Tick Tock]]
=== Golden Chicken ===  
=== Golden Chicken ===  
[[File:Marker Golden Chicken.png]] Shows you where the Golden Chicken is (See [[Challenges]]).
[[File:Marker Golden Chicken.png]] Shows you where the Golden Chicken is (See [[Challenges]]).

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Each Campaign, Mission and Assassination is played on a Map.

The Maps are separated in five differents Regions.




Region Igman.png


Region Deliblat.png


Region Crypt.png


Region Adria.png


Region Underworld.png

In Game

In game you can display the map by pressing M.


There are different Markers on each Maps that indicated where to find different things.


Marker Player.png Shows where your character is on the map.


Marker Pet.png Shows where your Pet is on the map.


Marker Enemy.png Shows where the enemies are.

Unknown Battle

Marker Unknown Battle.png Shows the battles you haven't completed yet.


Marker Battle.png Shows the battles you have completed.

Final Battle

Marker Final Battle.png Shows the final battle of the map. This battle will conclude the map.

Battle Chest Closed

Marker Battle Chest Closed.png Shows where is the chest that you have to unlock in a certain amount of time.

Spawn Point

Marker Spawn Point.png Shows where you started on the map.

Path Closed

Marker Path Closed.png Shows where you can't go through an usual path of the map.

Tick Tock

Marker Tick Tock.png Tick Tock

Golden Chicken

Marker Golden Chicken.png Shows you where the Golden Chicken is (See Challenges).