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Basic Information[edit]

Lukian, The Arcane Priest is ranged based hero that has to balance his spells between two gods in order to defeat his enemies. He is one of the current 8 Pagan Online Heroes.

Arcanist | Ranged | Intelligence


Perun, God of thunder and Dabog, God of the sun, made prideful bets on which force is greater. Time passed and after many battles, none could defeat the other. The stalemate lasted for years before they decided to cease and call a draw. In the aftermath of the repeated manifestations of the Gods’ power, a being came into existence; a being made of the purest essence of lightning and fire. Lukian – named himself as The Servant of Two Gods – is the manifestation of two elements, trapped in the confines of the mortal plain.

Class: Arcane Priest[edit]

Lukian’s conviction and devotion to two Gods gives him elemental affinity with Sunfire and Lightning. He can unleash powerful spells that can decimate groups of enemies.


See Ability Tree

Level Up Bonuses[edit]

Each time he levels up Lukian gains :

Strength Dexterity Intelligence Fortitude
Start 65 60 100 75
At each level + 18 + 16 + 28 + 18
Level 30 587 524 912 597
Level 50 947 844 1472 957

Skill Development[edit]

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  • Lukian is played by deploying a Spell Charge with his ability keys and then activating the desired elemental version of that ability with either LMB or RMB. Remember that being hit by an enemy drops the current Spell Charge but does not activate its cooldown.
  • Lukian's lightning spells tend to be more defensive (stuns/blinds) while his fire spells tend to be more offensive (with burns). Using the right mix of lightning with fire during an encounter will ensure the maximum crowd control and damage occurs:
- Mark of the Gods (Lightning) mixed with Elemental Rings (Fire) places maximum crowd control and damage on the enemy
- Using Flameprayer after every combo almost ensures unlimited resource
- Spark of Perun should always be used to increase resource generation potential
- Wrath of Elements (Lightning) is ideal for keeping bosses crowd controlled during an encounter
  • Increase his Intelligence first and Fortitude second as damage is his forte.
  • His high movement profile makes this character ideal for players with experience of traditional SHMUP games, which means he is proficient at not getting hit.
- His Shift ability’s speed and the area of his (Space)-LMB ability makes it possible for him to retain a Combo Meter between rooms, however, this will leave him vulnerable to attack for a few seconds
- Since most of his abilities can be performed while moving, it is entirely possible to focus purely on increasing Intelligence and Spell Damage % Increase while ignoring Fortitude, at least until late game
- The above factors make Lukian the ideal character for topping the Leaderboards
  • Be aware that Lukian’s (F) abilities do not make him immune from being hit for a few frames while the ability initially animates, and that knockbacks can still cancel this ability in the middle of initial animation frames.


Unlock Lukian by getting 30 Lukian Shards

Especially dropped in assassination Servant of a god


Basic skin

Skins available at the beginning.

Colors recquire 80 000 Gold to unlock.

Cleric of Duality

Skin Lukian Cleric Of duality.png

Rare Skin

Recquire 60 Shards to unlock.

Colors recquire 120 000 Gold to unlock.


Skin Lukian Dracus.png

Epic Skin

Recquire 100 Shards to unlock.

Colors recquire 150 000 Gold to unlock.

Keeper of Whispers

Skin Lukian Keeper of Whispers.png

Legendary Skin

Recquire 150 Shards to unlock.

Colors recquire 200 000 Gold to unlock.


Skin Lukian Astrophor.png

Patriarch Theodor

Skin Lukian Patriarch Theodor.png