Lord Gvozden

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Lord Gvozden in game.png

Lord Gvozden is a Mini Boss and he's quite unique.



Lord Gvozden can be found in the following Assassination : The Evil is Rabid


Lord Gvozden is almost a Boss because it has different spells.

The Beam

A Large beam leaving his stomach and going straight to a certain distance.

Lord Gvozden Spell The Beam.png

Canon Ball

Three Canon ball leaving his stomach and going straight.

Lord Gvozden Spell Canon Ball.png

The charge

A charge throw the enemy.

The Nuke

A Large AoE appaers and after sometime a huge nuke fall on it.

Lord Gvozden Spell The Nuke.png

The Fall

Lord Gvozden take a few step back before jumping face first on the ground. I'm pretty sure he broke his nose each time.