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Leaderboard Basics

The Leaderboards show the top Glory points achieved by a player on a given Level, Missions or Assassinations. There are currently no leaderboards for Threats or CO-OP Mode. Leaderboards are different for each region (NA/EU currently).

Getting a high Glory score depends on the Combo Meter. The Combo Meter is separated into three parts:
Kill Count is the first number, which shows the number of enemies killed with the meter Active.
Multiplier is the second number, and counts the number of hits landed on enemies' health bars. Multiplier is not added when only damaging enemy Shields.
Decay Meter is the blue triangle that drains as time passes without hitting an enemy. When the Decay Meter empties, Glory is added to the current total score.

Tips and Tricks

  • Start each map by learning what bonus Glory challenges there are (small red diamonds on right side of screen).
  • Learn a run and strategize how to beat each room based on the enemies that spawn in each.
- Remember that while the location of enemy spawns is procedurally generated, usually the number and types of enemies are static (for campaign missions).
- Some rooms have enemy spawns on a timer, others do not; learn which are which.
  • Getting a meteor/treasure room will drastically decrease maximum possible Glory for a run.
  • Getting hit by enemies resets the Combo Meter, but some environmental hazards do not. Dodging does count for being hit. (it didn't used to, this may have been a bug)
  • The Multiplier may have a maximum rate based on enemy health. <ref>This needs further testing. Evidence suggests that this is the case because of two factors. First, scores are higher on Master difficulty despite the only change being to the Multiplier, and second since maps oft seem to have an absolute maximum Glory attainable (see Story Mission 1-1). </ref>
  • It is possible, although difficult, to retain the Combo Meter between rooms on some maps.
  • If you know there is a difficult to avoid enemy, or enemies with guaranteed hit abilities coming up, it is recommended to intentionally let your Decay Meter empty before that wave instead of risking a high combo.
  • It is not necessary to have a high level character or certain specs to do well on Leaderboards; rather knowing the encounters, strategies, movements needed, and ability to keep from being hit.
  • A 0 hit run on any map is very difficult to achieve, but if that is your aim, remember that you can quick reset by allowing enemies to kill your character.