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Keys allow players to unlock Assassinations. Keys are divided up into fragments that drop in the same tier as the assassination mission. Upon obtaining enough fragments, the game will automatically create keys for the player to use on the mission.

Keys are dropped in every mission type, but Expedition missions drop the highest number of keys.

Tier 1: Unholy Key - Used to unlock assassination "Chosen of Triglav"

Tier 2: Torment Key - Used to unlock assassinations "Lord Gvozden" and "Dobrilla of the South"

Tier 3: Gruesome Key - Used to unlock assassinations "Zloran the Traitor", "Count Plamen", and "Pas the Biter"

Tier 4: Sinister Key - Used to unlock assassinations "Mistress of Anton" and "Valeria Unknown"

Tier 5: Harrowing Key - Currently only dropped for use against Kablar the Undying. Possibly for a future hero shard.