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Pagan Online wiki is always looking for volunteers to help maintaining and improving this community project.
If you are available, dynamic, you play Pagan Online and enjoy, challenges this is a good place for you!
Here are the profiles we are looking for:

  • Content creator: This is the core of the wiki team, your role is really important here. You will create new pages based on the new additions to the game, but also update existing ones.
    It requires to be a minimum experienced with the game and to have a strong understanding of the subjects you will cover here. Being autonomous is important.
  • Proof-reader: If you can write fluently in English, whether you are a native speaker or not, you can surely help in various areas, from improving existing articles to correcting some others.
    We are always looking for help, it’s important for us to provide content that everybody can understand on long-term.
  • Others: We are working on various projects aside wiki. Please keep an eye on this page, from time to time we will add some other profiles we are looking for.

Contact: Please reach @Gnomac#5222 or @Heli0nix#7625 via private message on the official Pagan Online discord if you are interested. Note that you won’t need any specific wiki related knowledge, it’s really easy to get started.

Our plans

The main idea of this wiki is to document everything that needs to be about the game Pagan Online, and ideally in a way everybody can understand. See this as a giant guide for players.

We always focus on some priority pages, related to game mechanics and itemization first. Then we add some more about less important subjects.
Ideal long-term goal would be to have a faster content update process with little to no time between games updates and wiki content updates, and then provide a complete documentation.

If you are not interested to invest your time for a continuous effort or joining the team, you can still help us a lot by posting data/information occasionally in #wiki channel on the official Pagan Online Discord.


This wiki has been created by Gnomac initially, and maintained with the effort of a small team of really motivated players during the early days of the game, up to this day, with almost no tools or resources to achieve it.
This is changing slowly as the project grows up a lot and becomes a real challenge on a daily basis. A lot of players also contributed to this effort too, and Pagan Online team extended all of this to a direct partnership.
If you would like to know more about the team please follow this link: