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The Inventory allow you to access to the items you have and stock in your Stash, plus to see you Stats.

Manage your gear and stash items here.

It can be easily accessed by the top selection tool :

Top Selection Inventory.png


The Inventory window display as this :

Inventory Window.png

1.png Gear

2.png Inventory Tiles

3.png Quick Stats details

4.png There is four Inventory Types :

5.png You have 4 different windows :


Your Gear is composed of 4 different slots :

Weapon Slot

Contain one Slot for the Weapon.

Amulets Slot

Contain two Slots for the Amulets.

Ring Slot

Contain two Slots for the Rings.

Defensive Gear Slot

Contain three Slots :

  • Charm
  • Wards
  • Tome

Inventory Tiles

Here are the items that you just dropped.

Can contain up to 24 Items.

Inventory Types



The Inventory Tiles.


Consummables contain the Keys framgnents and the Keys and the Health Potions.


Contain Quest items used for the Campaign.


See Materials.


Can contain infinite number of Materials of type STR.

These Materials contain a fraction of divine Might, and can impart it into crafted gear.

Gods are the ultimate guardians of Balance. When Darkness rises up to tip the scales, the gods answer in turn, restoring the Balance and protecting life.


Can contain infinite number of Materials of type DEX.

Imbued within these Materials is the very agility of the divine. Weapons crafted with these Materials strike true and strike swiftly.

There is nothing swifter than righteous justice and retribution, and no beings are more just than the gods.


Can contain infinite number of Materials of type INT.

These Materials contain vestiges of primordial cold, merged with the creator ingenuity of the gods. These traits are transferred into gear upon crafting.

In the beginning, there was nothing but the cold darkness of the Shroud. Once the gods struck the first spark of creatin, it blossomed into items that reverberated with their ancient power of genesis.


Can contain infinite number of Materials of type FOR.

Theses Materials hold within them some of the innate fortitude used by Creator entities from the Shroud, and this fortitude is imparted onto gear crafted using them.

In the endless turmoil of the Shroud, forces of Creation and Destruction vied for dominance. The act of creating something that can withstand the entropic forces of the Shroud carries with it an innate power of longevity.


Can contains 24 Rare and Epic Recipes.


Can contain 24 Legendary Recipes.


See Artifacts.

Two Vaults seems to contain infinite number of Artifacts.


The Stash allow you to store your items.

Note that you don't need to store Materials or Artifacts as they stack up infinitely.

It displays as this :

Stash Windows.png

Each Stash can contain up to 24 items. And you have access to 3 different pages.

A New pages cost 20,000 Gold