Goblin Shaman

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Goblin Shaman is a Monster in Pagan Online.

A support enemy With ranged üghtning attacks and an AoE heal.

Goblin Shaman in game.png
Goblin Shaman Description.png

Coblins deny that they hail from the Shroud, just like anv other demon, and are adamant that thev were formed from dirt. If asked more complex questions of their origins and religion, they will direct vou to their Shaman who Will, after sizing you up, promptly attempt to murder You. Stories of how these creatures come from "the blood ot betraved" are unverified, as these creatures are not often up for theological debate.


  • Humanoid
  • Support
  • Medium size
  • Ranged


Goblin Shaman can be found on :


Goblin Shaman is involved in the following hunts: