Furun the Soulsmith

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Furun the Soulsmith is a Boss in Pagan Online.

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Furun was once a Demonic General who spearheaded the invasions to Adria. Rumored to have been defeated long ago by Perun himself, Furun's body was destroyed and his spirit returned to the Shroud. However, the recent overflow of the Shroud allowed the Soulsmith to return and carve a new existence for himself; one that lurks and traps souls like a venus flytrap, using them to lure others so that he may use his new construct to maul them into oblivion, and claim even more souls.


  • Construct
  • Gigantic
  • Melee
  • Ranged


Furun the Soulsmith can be found in the following Campaign : Twilight of the Thunger God


Furun the Soulsmith can create a phase of Ground Burning :

Ground Burning[edit]

When casting AoE the extremity of the walkway will sometime burn. You can see them by blue flammes coming out of the ground.

You will receive periodically 77 damage by walking on it.

Furun Ground Burning.png


Soul Siphon[edit]

Soul Siphon is represented by the ray between you and Furun the Soulsmith. There is no way to escape the cast by moving away from Furun the Soulsmith.

Furun Soul Siphon.png

After few seconds the Soul Siphon spell will be applied on you as a Buff :

Inflicts damage equal to % of Maximum Health in regular intervals.


The AoE is burning all round Furun the Soulsmith in blue flammes. You can see them arriving because Furun the Soulsmith will cast them for few seconds. So you have time to escape.

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Ground Destruction[edit]

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Hammer Throw[edit]

Furun Hammer Throw.png