Frost Wraith

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Frost Wraith is a Monster in Pagan Online.

A fast-moving creature that can burrow itself and fortify. While burrowed, it shoots ice projectiles with a fast attack rate.

Frost Wraith in game.png
Frost Wraith Description.png

One of the most mysterious creatures ever to rise out of the Igman snow is a solitary, territorial creature that has been the death of many a tundra traveler. Its origins are rumored to be even more nefarious: these creatures are reputed to hve been demons from some of the very first Shroud invasions. Their hatchlings have stayed behind long after all remnants of the Shroud have retreated, and the Frost Wraiths were then free to evolve like they were a natural inhabitant of the mountainous,cold regions of Igman.

They have a Shield Protection.


  • Beast
  • Fighter
  • Small
  • Ranged


Frost Wraith can be found on :


Frost Wraith is involved in the following hunts:


Here is a rare picture of a dead Frost Wraith. :

Frost Wraith Dead.png

Because as said our famous Zoologist Scera : "you prefer this little shit to be dead. Believe me."