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Fabled Attributes List

Hero Fabled Attribute Description
All heroes All your physical attacks also deal cold damage as bonus damage, at 25% efficiency.
All heroes Your primary attacks have 20% chance to inflict Bleeding on enemies.
All heroes Primary attacks on enemies completely remove Astral Shield from enemies.
All heroes Heal for 10% of your maximum Health whenever you land a critical strike. 3s Cooldown.
All heroes 25% Chance to deal double damage on Critical attacks. 3s Cooldown.
All heroes Each critical strike stuns enemies for 4s. 3s Cooldown.
All heroes Gain full resource on every 5 kills.
All heroes Instantly remove 30% of Feared enemy's current health with your primary attacks.
All heroes Recover 5% health for each second an enemy is on fire in a 4m radius.
Kingewitch Leech 10% of damage done with Powerslam as health.
Kingewitch When 2 or more enemies are hit, 50% chance of summoning 8 random lightning strikes in 6m radius. Each Lightning does 100% damage as lightning and has 2m AOE radius.
Kingewitch Primary attacks on enemy with full health stun them for 1.25 seconds.
Kingewitch For every 3% of health missing gain 1% chance to be healed for 60% when using dash in combat.
Anya 20% chance to cause an explosion in 2m radius for 300% damage when killing an enemy.
Anya Blood bolt does not cost health and inflicts 200% more damage.
Anya 1% chance of getting 50% additional heal and corrupted blood when consuming a blood fragment.
Anya Movement speed +40% for 3 seconds after dash.
Anya Each enemy slain shortens spell cooldowns for 1 second.
Istok When Shield of the Righteous expires or is destroyed, it deals AOE damage in 6m radius equal to damage abosrbed.
Istok When Shield of the Righteous receives damage, heal yourself and all allies in 8m radius for 15% of damage received.
Istok Shield of the Righteous has 50% longer cooldown and 50% more damage absorption.
Istok Static Charge maximum increased by 50.
Lukian After using primary attack for 6 consecutive hits, gain double damage on next primary attack or ability.
Lukian 0.2% health regen while resource bar full, 5% resource regen while max health
Lukian 11% chance to stun the enemy when attacking with primary attacks for 1 seconds.
Lukian Flameprayer causes 50% slow to all enemies hit for 2 seconds .
Lukian Using Flash grants 2% health regeneration per second for 4 seconds.
Morokh Gain 10% Attack Speed for 5s after killing feared enemies.
Morokh Attack speed increased 50% for 4 seconds after critical hit.
Morokh 11% chance to inflict Soul link on enemies in 12m radius for 5 seconds.Soul Link - All enemies linked share the damage received equally.
Morokh For every 5% of enemy health missing deal 20% more damage to the enemy.
Morokh Using Shadowstep heals you for 10% of maximum health.
Dameer When Call of the Ravens is recast, the ravens root all enemies in their path for 3 seconds.
Dameer After exiting Shelter, gain 40% movement speed and deal double damage for next 3s.
Dameer In addition to healing, Call of Hrast corrupts the earth beneath it, poisioning all enemies in its radius for 150% poison damage per second.
Dameer When Dameer falls beneath 20% health, Vavan becomes Enraged, blinding and dealing 300% physical damage to enemies with his attacks for 4s.Cannot stack.
Dameer Primary attacks apply Circling Vultures debuff on enemies, to maximum of 6 stacks. Each stack lasts for 5s and is refreshed with new attacks.Each stack deals 10% poison damage per second to enemies. If affected enemies are hit by Call of the Ravens, the stacks explode for 300% poison damage each, damaging enemies in 5m radius.
Valeria Jump Out shocks enemies for 300% lightning damage and stuns them for 2s, in 5m radius.
Valeria When Shadow-Twin expires or is destroyed, it explodes for 800% lightning damage in 5m radius.
Valeria Spawning Shadow-Twin causes a mesmerizing blast, shocking all enemies in a 5m radius.Shocked enemies take 300% lightning damage and are blinded for 3s.
Valeria Bonded allies deal double damage with their primary attacks as fire damage.Enemies that pass through the bond don't affect its duration.
Valeria Leash Trap applies Locked & Loaded debuff on enemies, that lasts for 6s.If debuffed enemies are in a 4m radius of Valeria's Jump Out, they explode for 500% fire damage, applying Burning debuff to enemies in 5m radius.
Masha After Soundwave is finished casting, the ground stays on fire, dealing 50% fire damage per second, for 5 seconds.
Masha Instead of taking a killing blow, Masha becomes invulnerable for 5s, and unleashes a surge of spectral spirits in all directions in a 10m radius, dealing 300% poison damage.30s cooldown.
Masha Once an enemy dies, he leaves an Ominous Trace behind him, which have a 2.5m radius and lasts for 7s. Twirling through 4 Ominous Traces triggers a free Doomsay on their location.Triggered Doomsay is 25% weaker than its original version.Maximum number of Ominous Traces at one time is 4.
Masha After stunning enemies with Orange Tarrot of Destiny, the next attack is always a critical strike.
Masha The next time Masha's resource bar is full after casting Doomsay, she gains all Tarrot buffs when she picks up a card from Tarrot of Destiny.30s Cooldown.
Elden Attacking enemies with Frozen Edge applies Frostbite to enemies in a 9m cone, behind the target.
Elden After casting Hammerfall, the Hammer lingers for 5s, creating a blizzard and dealing 300% cold damage per second in a 6m radius and pulling enemies towards the Hammer.
Hector 2-Rats taunt enemies in a 5m radius and deal 400% Lightning damage to enemies in the taunt radius per second.
Hector While casting Flamethrower, each 2s a Fireball forms which deals 500% Sunfire damage to all enemies it passes through.