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Dreadvine is a Monster in Pagan Online.

A huge static enemy with devastating AOE attacks and crowd control.

Dreadvine in game.png
Dreadvine Description.png

Created as a kind of defensive organism by Veles, the Dreadvine quickly outgrew its rote, both figuratively and literallv. A scourge of the Adria Wilderlands, the Dreadvine no longer serves its purpose in the ecosystem other than as something to terrifv and devour those unaware of the dangers of the Adria flora. Similarlv to some other creatures of the Wild, the Shroudborn demons have found a way to remain undetected by the Dreadvine, making them only truly dangerous for mortal beings.


  • Beast
  • Fighter
  • Disabler
  • Large
  • Melee
  • Ranged


Dreadvine can be found on :


Dreadvine is involved in the following hunts: