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| style="vertical-align:top;padding: 0px"" | [[File:Decimator-3D.png|300px]]
| style="vertical-align:top;padding: 0px"" | [[File:Decimator-The-Death-of-Worlds.png]] [[File:Pet The Decimator.png|200px]]
| style="vertical-align:top;padding: 0px" |  
| style="vertical-align:top;padding: 0px" |  

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Decimator-The-Death-of-Worlds.png 200px


Decimator is a Pet.

Tremble at its unending fury. Genuflect beneath the flap of itsterrifying wings. Carry it in your purse in case of emergencies.

Movement Speed +6%

Gamecode from Gamescom 2019 or from a Might and Glory Club Creator