Corpse Hag

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Corpse Hag is a common Monster in Pagan Online.

A spellcaster that invokes lightning strikes to attack enemies and can hurl a lightning bomb which explodes after a short time, dealing high damage.

VelesPerun does not tolerate witches, seers and hedge mages, and it is not beyond the vengeful god to smite some of the more prominent ones with lightning and fury. An unfortunate consequence of this is that occasionally, the Shroud will cover territory where such a witch was burned and killed. The Shroud then ressurects those witches, in a strange form of half-life, as a Corpse Hag, funneling and perverting the very power of Perun that smote them, for use as a weapon.

TAGS Humanoid Disabler Fighter Large Ranged Melee

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