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Contributors are people who devoted their free time and volunteered to create this wiki for all Pagan Online players so they can search for game related information.

Project Team Members and their roles(subject to change)

Gnomac - Project Owner - Creator of the - Main contact with Pagan Online staff - Hosting Support - Wiki technical Support - Discord(GM) admin

Heli0nix - Main wiki planner - Updating the most important pages - Planning data input systems

Nachtrabe [GER / GFX] - Primary GFX artist - Makes all calls regarding graphics - The go-to person when you need any game-related image

Vaserati - Native English speaker(US-based) - Readproofing pages - Go-to person for proofreading

lutterWookiee - Pagan Online Guardian - Wiki Contributor

Zendeth - Wiki Contributor

@Cassariel - Wiki Contributor - Readproofng pages

@Sasha_JP - Pagan Online Community Manager - Observing Wiki Operations - Contact at your own risk

@Fellfrosch - The primary handler of DE wiki(currently paused) - On undefined leave

@Calimo - Wiki Contributor

@Nibelung - Talent builder creator - Programmer

@OsoreWatashi - Talent builder creator - Programmer

Scera - Wiki Contributor

@ShroudedOne - Wiki Contributor

@Tanya [EN/FR] - Wiki Contributor

Honorary members: UltimateLight MrPuppy94