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Cooperative Mode (aka co-op, or "cooperative operations") was available in some of the Trials, and then disabled for polishing and bugfixing.

Patch 0.2.0 introduced again CO-OP on May 15, 2019 you can currently run missions and threats with your friends or others players. The group limit is 2 for now, and then will goes up to 4 players in a near futur.
It is not currently known if co-op will have its own Leaderboards.
It can be easily accessed from the ingame menu:

Top Selection Party.png

Unlocking co-op mode[edit]

Playing Campaign in CO-OP is not currently possible, but will be added in the futur.
To unlock CO-OP, you must complete The Prayers ( Act 1 ).

Get started[edit]

The CO-OP window display as this :

Co-op Window.png

1.png There is three way to Look for a group

2.png The Players you can play with

3.png Your Party. It shows you who is grouped with you.

Looking for a group[edit]


Here you can find players present in your Pantheon.

Looking for Party[edit]

Here you can find Players interested by a Party.

LFP Tick.png

That's also a good way to find your friends. Tell your friends to enable the Looking for Party checkbox, do the same and wait for them to appear.

Friends List[edit]

Once you found someone Looking for Party, you can left click on their character icon to display this :

Party Invite Player.png

Option Information
Invite Player That's how you can invite someone to your Party
Inspect Character Not available yet
View Profile Not available yet
Send Message Not available yet
Add Friend You can add them to your Friends List (easier then to create a Party)
Unfriend Remove someone from your Friends List
Block Not available yet

Playing with friends[edit]

Once in a Party with a Player, you should see his character selected to the left of your screen.


Patch 0.3.0:

  • Threats can now be played in co-op
  • Changing difficulty for co-op missions is now possible
  • Co-op will spawn more enemies depending on the number of players and difficulty selected
  • Slightly increased damage and health in co-op depending on number of players