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Greetings Pagans,

Big… friendly patch 2 is upon us. With this patch we are bringing some more love to the endgame. Our main goal was always to have a polished first time user experience and while we continue to work on that, we really want to give players something to chase when they reach endgame.

The first iteration of the system includes meta loops to chase recipes, potency points, item origins, and ways to roll fabled powers on your legendary items. With this in mind we have reorganized missions after level 40; some regular missions are now assassination missions and we’ve added more of the regular missions to fill in the blanks.

We continue to build upon the user experience and control scheme variations, with more work on controller support and the first iteration of the click-to-move system. We didn’t want to just copy the system from other aRPG games as we are firm believers in the “strafe while attack” pillar that our game promotes, so our click-to-move comes with a twist.

No major rework or balancing of heroes occurred for this patch, as this is something we will be doing for the full release soon, so make the most of those OP builds that are still in-game while you can.

We are slowly approaching the big day and all of us at Mad Head Games are really excited to share this journey with you!

And remember, WASD > all.


- Emil aka Easymode, Lead Game Designer


For those of you who have finished the current campaign and mission, we’ve prepared a number of different ways to upgrade your character, be it through gear or through additional skill points. The endgame missions now have additional features which allow you to further elevate your character.

Shroud Cage

Shroud Cages are mysterious entities which have a chance to spawn in level 41 to 50 patrol, expedition and assassination missions as a special kind of encounter. Activating a Shroud Cage requires assistance from a petrified Fog Fiend - an item found in Assassinations. Once a Shroud Cage is activated by the Fog Fiend, the hero must defeat - you guessed it - a dangerous enemy before they can get their hands on the treasure hidden within. Once the enemy is defeated, the Shroud Cage is destroyed, leaving behind a valuable recipe, with a 100% drop rate.

Idol of Wisdom

The Idol of Wisdom can be found in level 41 to 50 patrols and expeditions. In order to activate the Idol, the hero must possess a Talisman of Wisdom, forged from Wisdom Stones. These Wisdom Stones can be found as rewards in Threats. Once an Idol of Wisdom is activated, the hero must protect it from incoming enemies for a certain amount of time. If they succeed, they are rewarded with an additional Potency point, which can be spent in the Ability tree. The maximum number of additional Potency points is 10, after which activating the Idol won’t grant any additional Potency points.

Fable Forge

Fable Forge is an Assassination mission which allows heroes to further upgrade their Legendary weapons. Entering the Fable Forge will require a grim gift - Sacred Offerings acquired in Hunts. Once the hero collects enough Sacred Offerings, they can enter the Fable Forge to defeat a well known boss in order to get access to the Anvil of Gods. The Anvil of Gods will bestow one (1) Fabled Attribute upon any Legendary weapon.


The Gauntlet has been reworked from one giant daunting challenge to five smaller, but equally engaging challenges. Now, heroes can enter Gauntlet I by using the same kind of Assassination keys as for the final Assassination mission before the Gauntlet. Gauntlets II, III and IV will be accessible by collecting gruesome trophies at the end of each Gauntlet. Gauntlets II, III and IV will require progressively more trophies in order to enter each of the arenas. Each Gauntlet ends with its own elite enemy, and grants its own special rewards.

New Missions

A new mission block has been added with missions 41-50.


Schools of Magic

The biggest change in our current itemization system is the introduction of Schools of Magic. This feature is meant to add another layer to itemization in Pagan Online, and allow players to add brand new visuals to their characters. For now, a set of items belonging to a specific School of Magic will only grant a stat bonus on items of the same school, as well as some stunning visual effects on your character, but we hope to elevate this feature more in the future, allowing for some exciting builds and combinations.

Each item that drops will have a chance to be either a base item, or to belong to one of five Schools of Magic. These chances are low for lower level items and gradually become higher with higher item and enemy levels. Once players collect three, five, or eight items of the same School of Magic, visual effects begin appearing on the character. Sets of 3 items or more grant Auras, visible beneath player characters. Sets of 5 items or more grant visual effects around the player characters. Sets of 8 items or more grant ethereal wings, which move in unison with the player character. Different Schools have differently themed and colored effects. No matter which School the set belongs to, the players will receive a buff to all their stats on their currently equipped gear. The stat buff is dependent on the number of items the player has and whether the School of Magic is more common (3 Schools in total) or more rare (2 Schools in total).

Legendary Weapons

In our efforts to bring you the best possible experience when it comes to powerful items, we have reworked the way legendary items (for now, just weapons) roll their powers. In addition to the Legendary power overhaul, legendary weapons now come with exclusive stats which can’t be found on any other item in the game. Although this system works for weapons only right now, our goal is to design and implement legendary and fabled powers for all equipable legendary items very soon.

As we are making changes to the Gauntlet and adding endgame content, the drop rate of legendary items has been boosted in this patch.

Legendary and Fabled Powers

Legendary weapons will now have a brand new Legendary Power. Legendary Powers are mostly focused on dealing damage and having interesting visual effects (such as lightning strikes, flame bursts, etc). Each legendary weapon has its own Legendary Power, which can’t be changed and which is not character specific (meaning that more characters can have the same Legendary Powers on their weapons). As before, these powers are tied to specific Artifacts, which are used in crafting legendary weapons. Fabled Powers are now gained after finishing the Fable Forge battle. Once the battle is finished, players can gain one Fabled Power for their weapon. Fabled Powers can be hero specific or general, but in each case they represent a powerful upgrade to the hero’s kit. The Fable Forge can only provide one upgrade per battle, but players can replay the battle as many times as they like. Since there are now more artifacts than Legendary Powers, artifacts that can’t be used in crafting, and therefore have no use except for clogging up your inventory, have been removed from drops and from your inventory.

Buffed stats on legendary items

Legendaries can now only be of Superior or Flawless quality, and can no longer drop as Common. All Tier 5 legendaries have 1-2 stats (depending on their item type) which are significantly higher than stats on epic items. Legendary jewelry can now roll 2-3 stats instead of only 1.

Ability Bonus Stats

All Tier 5 weapons now have a special stat which gives bonus levels to specific abilities (e.g. “Kubura +4” upgrades Kubura to level 4 in your Ability tree). Players still have to invest at least 1 Potency point in a certain skill in order to unlock it and for the bonus to be applicable. The maximum level of a specific ability is now raised to 8. Bonuses to certain abilities are still to be implemented - most of the new abilities are still to receive their stat bonuses, but they will be added over the next few patches.



The first iteration of click-to-move is here! Players can activate this control scheme in the Options menu. By default, RMB can be used to lock onto a certain enemy, allowing the player to move around without having to target constantly. We hope to fully polish this feature for release.

Controller support

Battle navigation now boasts full controller support, with both move and aim functions. The UI navigation is still being worked on, and is expected to be fully polished for full release.


Hero Ability Tree

Known Issue: due to preparing ground work for hero passives to be part of the ability tree and therefore, upgradeable in the future, some numbers and functionalities of the passives that have been tweaked may not be reflected in the UI properly, despite passives working essentially very close to previous versions. This will be fixed in the following patches.

Missions & Encounters

Hunt gold rewards have been buffed. Golden chicken gold & item drops have been buffed.


Vavvan’s Fortitude gain per level has been buffed and his Intelligence has been significantly decreased. Kingewitch’s Flamestrike ability has been polished.


The new global chat (Unified chat realm) is implemented.