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Basic Information[edit]

Anya, The Blood Ritualist is a ranged champion that is focused on kiting and AOE damage. She is one of the currently 8 Pagan Online Heroes.

Lifeleecher | Ranged | Intelligence


A crying orphan, ushered into the world through frost and blood; it's a miracle the little girl lived. Found by an ancient order of Temna Kula priests, she was raised and trained to serve their twisted purposes by practicing blood magic, until she one day broke her bondage and set off on her own path.

Left for dead as a small child, Anya clawed onto survival against all odds. It was this tenacity and determination that invited special attention from an ancient order of Temna Kula priests as they happened upon her. She was raised and trained against her will to serve their twisted agenda by practicing blood magic. After years of servitude, the order came to the harsh realization that they had been preparing for their own downfall. Anya grew strong enough to turn their own methods against them and sever her bonds to set off on her own path.

To ward off the negative effects of her corrupted blood, Anya uses a whip to relentlessly lash her victims and consume their blood fragments to use powerful life-leeching abilities.

Class: Blood Ritualist[edit]

A whip is her weapon of choice. Unleash powerful whip combos for long-distance attacks, and consume enemy Blood Fragment remains in order to cast powerful life-leeching and damaging spells.


See Ability Tree

Level Up Bonuses[edit]

Each time she levels up Anya gains :

Strength Dexterity Intelligence Fortitude
Start 60 70 100 70
At each level + 16 + 20 + 28 + 16
Level 30 524 650 912 534
Level 50 844 1050 1472 854

Skill Development[edit]

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  • All of Anya abilities are Spells so she gains value from Intellect as the main stat.
  • Due to her lifeleech abilities, building her fortitude is not necessary for an experienced player.
  • It is more advisable to reduce the cooldowns and increase life gains of skills than increase their size, especially in the case of Swarm, as most enemies will pass through the longer version of the spell before it ends.
  • Blood Bolt should be saved for when surrounded by enemies, immediately prior to dashing to safety. A player cannot kill themselves with this skill.


Basic skin[edit]

Skins available at the beginning.

Colors recquire 80 000 Gold to unlock.

Sanguinal Mage[edit]

Skin Anya Sanguinal Mage.png

Rare Skin[edit]

Recquire 60 Shards to unlock.

Colors recquire 120 000 Gold to unlock.

Temna Kula Assassin[edit]

Skin Anya Temna Kula Assassin.png

Epic Skin[edit]

Recquire 100 Shards to unlock.

Colors recquire 150 000 Gold to unlock.

Royal Blood[edit]

Skin Anya Royal Blood.png

Legendary Skin[edit]

Recquire 150 Shards to unlock.

Colors recquire 200 000 Gold to unlock.

Night Countess[edit]

Skin Anya Night Countess.png

Corrupted Blood[edit]

Skin Anya Corrupted Blood.png