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Assassinations are very important side missions, allowing a player to get good loot and large amounts of specific hero Shards.

These missions require two parts:

  • They require a player to meet certain Might requirements, complete Hunts, and/or complete a set of Missions (listed when the cursor hovers over the mission name)
  • Obtain a Key for that tier of an assassination mission

Assassinations can be repeated for as many times as the player has keys for it available.

  • When you complete an assassination for the first time, you will obtain an hero soul, wich will let you unlock an hero of your choice.

Tier Name (Level) Mission Name
Mini Boss
Might Level Required Key Additional Requirements Hero Shards Dropping Name Hero Shards Dropping Required Mission(s) Unlock Required Hunt(s) Unlock
Servant of a God (1) Chosen of Triglav 1.1K Unholy-Key.png
Unholy Key
Complete one mission HeroShard Lukian.png Lukian - -
Iron Made (2) Lord Gvozden 3K Torment-Key.png
Torment Key
- HeroShard Kingewitch.png Kingewitch (Act 1: The Pantheon > A Place Once Holy > The King of Nothing) -
About a Witch (2) Dobrilla of the South 4K Torment-Key.png
Torment Key
- HeroShard Anya.png Anya (Act 2: The Spark > The Diminishing Sun > Of Light and Darkness) -
Ruthless Maniac (3) Zloran the Traitor 5.4K Gruesome-Key.png
Gruesome Key
- HeroShard Istok.png Istok (Act 3: The Sorrow > Dragonslayer > Dragonslayer) Practical Destruction (Hunts: Pursuit I)
Exterminator for Hire (Hunts: Pursuit II)
Burning Hatred (3) Count Plamen 5.4K Gruesome-Key.png
Gruesome Key
4,500 Might HeroShard Masha.png Masha (Act 4: The Searing Sun|Act 4: The Searing Sun > ... To Wander Forever > The Mad God)
Morana's debt (Expedition)
From Dusk Till Dawn (Survival)
Elementary (Hunts: Killer Instinct)
The Sting (Hunts: Pursuit II)
The Evil is Rabid (3) Pas the Biter 8.3K Gruesome-Key.png
Gruesome Key
5,000 Might HeroShard Dameer.png Dameer (Act 5: The Slaughter > The Path to Perun > Twilight of the Thunger God)
Perun's executioners (Expedition)
Fate's Weave (Survival)
The Blood Star falls... (Defense)
Elementary (Hunts: Killer Instinct)
The Sting (Hunts: Pursuit II)
HeroShard Elden.png Elden
Corrupted Woodnymph (4) Mistress of Anton 10K Sinister-Key.png
Sinister Key
Legacy Rank 5
5,800 Might
HeroShard Morokh.png Morokh Whispers in the Dark (Patrol:Hard)
Shifting Sands (Expedition:Hard)
Root and Branch (Survival:Hard)
...just big boned. (Hunts: Trail of Blood)
Juice of Beetles (Hunts: Deathstalker)
HeroShard Hector.png Hector
Power Overwhelming (4) Mladen of the Half-Elbow 12K Sinister-Key.png
Sinister Key
Legacy Rank 5
7,500 Might
HeroShard Valeria.png Valeria From The Ground Up (Patrol:Master)
We Stand Together (Expedition:Master)
Blood for Blood (Survival:Master)
Cleansing Waters (Defense:Master)
The Clanking Dead (Hunts: True Test)
We all float down there... (Hunts: True Test)
Forges and Fables Fable Forge 13K Sacred-Offering.png
Sacred Offering
Legacy Rank 5 - - Complete the Carnpaign Battle So falls the Tidemancer -
Madness of the Shroud The Ghost of Usud Past 15K Harrowing-Key.png
Harrowing Key
Legacy Rank 6

9,000 Might

- - Complete Fable Forge — Assassination Mission- (on any difficulty) Forges and Fables Mission block -
The Last Laugh - - - -
Abyssal Reincarnation - - - -
No Rest for the Monstrous Kablar the Undying 16,5K Ominous-Key.png
Ominous Key
Legacy Rank 6

10,000 Might

- -

Complete The Ghost Of Usud Past — Assassination Mission (on any difficulty) Madness Of the Shroud Mission block

Complete The Last Laug — Assassination Mission (on any difficulty) Madness Of the Shroud Mission block.

Complete Abyssal Reincarnation — Assassination Mission (on any difficulty) Madness Of the Shroud Mission block

The Gauntlet Gauntlet I: The Iron Giant 19K Harrowing-Key.png
Harrowing Key
Legacy Rank 7

13,000 Might

- -

Complete Kablar the Undying — Assassination Mission (on any difficulty) No Rest for the Monstrous Mission block.

Gauntlet II: The Worm and the Word Gauntlet-Trophy.png
Blood Champion's Trophy
- - - -
Gauntlet III: Bloodfury - - - -
Gauntlet IV: Backbreaker - - - -
Gauntlet V: A History of Slaughter - - - -