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In Patrol Missions, the player goes from point to point killing monsters until fighting an Elite monster at the end. The player may change gear during this mission.

Note: While most missions fall into a certain range they can spawn at, particular missions are set levels as depicted.

Mission Group Mission Name Mission Area Mission Level* Might Boss
Aspiring Hero I A Shadow in the Snow Igman 1-5 900 Strog the Avalancher
The Bloody Truth Igman 1-5 900 Jaroslav the Murderous
The Herald of Doom Igman 6-10 900 Prince Vengel
Aspiring Hero II Men of Legend, Women of Renown Karadol 6-10 1.4K Lord Mladen, the Darkness of Karadol
A Quest for Acclaim I The Hand of the Beast Karadol 11-15 2.8K Razdor
The Root of all Evil Karadol 11-15 2.8K Jacob the Cutter
Frozen Sentinels Igman 11-15 2.8K Bodak the Frostspine
A Quest for Acclaim II A Draconic Deal Igman 16-20 3.5K Boran Long-Hands
Grim Tidings Karadol 16-20 3.5K Ogan Hellglaive
Desperate Measures Karadol 16-20 3.5K None
Warrior's Dance Sometimes There is no Winner Deliblat 21-25 5.2K Ellysa the Broodmother
Raid of the Raided Deliblat 21-25 5.2K Beaslord Branak of Daelliblat
Fruit of our Labor Igman 21-25 5.2K Gorhanna of the Wastes
Glory is Eternal Matrons of Malice Adria 26-30 6.2K Countess Mirna of the Oak Soul
Burnished Bone Deliblat 26-30 6.2K Dervin Poisonbreath
Beward the Bog Adria 26-30 6.2K Shtekk Eagleye
All Heroes Fall Terror Comes From Within Igman 31-35 8.5K The Great Mauler
Whispers in the Dark Adria 31-35 8.5K Pamett Paingiver
Blind in the Sun Deliblat 31-35 8.5K Devak Desirak
Mastery Unleashed Dire Straits and Dire Tidings Karadol 36-40 11K Broodblade
From the Ground Up Igman 36-40 11K S'ledgen of the Tundra
Primoridial Instincts Adria 36-40 11K Wildboard Vepar
End Times Soulsmith Reforged Deliblat 41 13K The Late King
Furun Reforged
The Last Laugh Deliblat 42 13K The Late King
Veles the Trickster
The Ghost of Usud Past Karadol 44 13k The Late King
Usud the Awakened