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Basic Information

Info Crest.png Istok, The Stalwart Protector is a protection based(tank) hero which plays with a shield and a weapon. He is one of the currently 10 Pagan Online Heroes.

Tank | Melee | Strength


Story Crest.png Istok goes by more than one name – the last of his kind, Stalwart Protector, Ancient Sage of the Igman mountains.
The only remaining member of an ancient clan of sages, he withstood the brutal trials and tribulations of his monastic order.
Unlike his fellows, he staved off the insanity and broken body that seemed to be par for the course.
Instead, he came out of it stronger and found inner peace, meditating for hundreds of years in solitude – until the first of the demonic invasions.
He did not enjoy the interruption.

Class: Protector

IstokCrest.png Istok can temporarily protect allies with his shield; each hit absorbed by his defense enhances his offensive abilities.
Slow moving, but deadly, he can unleash powerful, damaging blows, and crowd control abilities.


Skill-Tree-Crest.png Ability Tree of Istok


Legendaries of Istok

Level Up Bonuses

Istok gains every level:

Strength Dexterity Intelligence Fortitude
Start 80 40 60 120
At each level + 24 + 12 + 16 + 28
Level 30 776 388 524 932


Stone Sage
Stone Sage
Standard skin

Neophyte of Calm
Neophyte of Calm
60 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock

Child of Veles
Child of Veles
100 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock

The Retributor
The Retributor
150 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock

150 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock