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Basic Information

Info Crest.png Hector is an agile scrapper who specializes in everything fire.
His weapon of choice is the blunderbuss and he uses dirty tricks to set the battleground ablaze.
He is one of the currently 10 Pagan Online Heroes

Ranged | Junker | 2-Rats


Story Crest.png The ruling elite of Valence lord over their technological society with an iron fist, but they have one fear - that the dejected rebels,

know as the Adandoned Ones, will attempt a coup.
To them, the Abandoned Ones are an unorganized rabble, living on scraps and remains. What they do not know ist that the Abandoned Ones have a champion.
He has no mercy for demon nor despot.
He is no leader, but he gets things done.
He is Hector.

Class: Rebel Fighter

HectorCrest.png A fast and gile hero who uses his scrapper skills, pet rats and dirty tricks in combat.
Combat opportunist.


Skill-Tree-Crest.png Ability Tree of Hector


Legendaries of Hector

Level Up Bonuses

Hector gains every level:

Strength Dexterity Intelligence Fortitude
Start 100 100 30 70
At each level + 30 + 25 + 10 + 15
Level 30 970 825 320 505


Rebel Leader
Rebel Leader
Standard skin

Daeliblatt Strangeman
Daeliblatt Strangeman
60 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock

Dastardly Inventor
Dastardly Inventor
100 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock

The Looter
The Looter
150 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock

Fallen Noble
Fallen Noble
150 Hero-Shard.png Shards to unlock