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In Expedition Missions, the player goes from point to point killing monsters (like Patrol) until exiting early or defeating all points to fight an Elite monster at the last point cleared.


  • Due to the length of these missions, individual encounters are generally shorter than other mission types, but the overall mission has more challenges
  • Players do not have to clear the mission fully but must choose to continue within 15 seconds after each encounter, or they will automatically complete the expedition early (leaving early does count towards completion for quests)
  • To fight the end boss, players must fully complete the expedition
  • If completed fully, expedition missions provide a large number of key fragments for assassination missions, along with a larger than normal amount of loot in the large chest
  • No Guide Arrow is provided during these missions, and often times players can complete battle points in the order of their choosing
  • The player may change gear during this mission

Note: While most missions fall into a certain range they can spawn at, particular missions are set levels as depicted.

Mission Group Mission Name Mission Area Mission Level* Might Boss
Aspiring Hero I The Plight of Igman Igman 1-5 900 Icetooth
An Omen of Frost Igman 1-5 900 Lord Naum the Cruel
Aspiring Hero II Claws and Winter Gale Igman 6-10 1.4K Tyrant Prezir
A Tale of Rot and Ruin Karadol 6-10 1.4K Koyla the Pustulent
A Quest for Acclaim I The Lurking Horror Karadol 11-15 2.8K Pogan Poisonbreaker
Talons, fangs, blades, and death Karadol 11-15 2.8K Nox the Vermin
The White Death Igman 11-15 2.8K Beo the Terror
A Quest for Acclaim II The Darkest Demise Karadol 16-20 3.5K Drusila Fellfiend
A Message from Beyond the Grave Karadol 16-20 3.5K Gaoler of the Lost Tribes
Family reunion Karadol 16-20 3.5K Zid the Chaos Lord
Warrior's Dance Morana's debt Igman 21-25 5.2K Frost Baron Branimir
As still as the Catacombs Stones Karadol 21-25 5.2K Atanas the Insufferable
The Golden Guard Adria 21-25 5.2K The Great Horned Maw
Glory is Eternal Perun's executioners Adria 26-30 6.2K Sage Brukka of the Clouded Thought
Expunge the Enshrouded Adria 26-30 6.2K Dreadfiend Zlurad the Tormenting Grin
To the Sun Go the Gallows Deliblat 26-30 6.2K Vapek Ashenking
All Heroes Fall Something wicked in great Karadol Karadol 31-35 8.5K Archon Alen of the Abyssal Blade
Shifting Sands Deliblat 31-35 8.5K Ukhop the Boiling Death
And Yet We Perservere Adria 31-35 8.5K Smorz the Violent
Mastery Unleashed The Trees Speak of Malice Igman 36-40 11K Sneg Backstabber
The Restless Dead Karadol 36-40 11K Overlord Ghoran
We Stand Together Deliblat 36-40 11K Debbo Foeater