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In Defense Missions, the player must defend a structure with a set amount of life, while killing waves of monsters until fighting an Elite monster at the end.


  • Waves spawn in 12-second intervals, the faster a player kills the wave, the more downtime between waves
  • Number of waves are listed on the right side of the screen under the glory counter, along with objective health, which increases by mission level
  • Instead of attacking the hero, monsters will generally prioritize attacking the point first, although skills that taunt (Istok, Dameer) will override the prioritization
  • While healing indication may occur over the defense objective, the objective cannot be healed
  • The defense point can be grabbed and moved by monsters
  • It is advised to not stand directly on the point in the event an AoE attack is placed under the Hero and objective, while Hero damaging AoEs placed on the point help protect it
  • These are the shortest missions in Pagan Online

Note: While most missions fall into a certain range they can spawn at, particular missions are set levels as depicted.

Mission Group Mission Name Mission Area Mission Level* Might Boss
Aspiring Hero I Through thorns to divinity Karadol 1-5 900 Ubog
These monks of stone... Igman 1-5 900 Shiver Mask Erak
Aspiring Hero II Blood and Blizzard Igman 6-10 1.4K Vasil Frostwall
Final Moments Karadol 6-10 1.4K Gadan the Nasty
A Quest for Acclaim I An Ambush in the Gloom Karadol 11-15 2.8K Erborn the Anathema
Honor-marked Igman 11-15 2.8K Ice Stalker
Stand and deliver Karadol 11-15 2.8K Koshmara
A Quest for Acclaim II No Desecration Igman 16-20 3.5K Raspad Frosteater
Skeletons in the Snow Igman 16-20 3.5K Zled Deathbringer
Lines crossed Igman 16-20 3.5K Black Regent Drago
Warrior's Dance Perun's squire Igman 21-25 5.2K Zuba Filthling
The Shrines of our Fathers Deliblat 21-25 5.2K Gazda the Brute
Sacrilege and Scorn Deliblat 21-25 5.2K Flame Avatar Darkhon of the Pyre
Glory is Eternal Great is our Glory Adria 26-30 6.2K Wildbeast Goro the Demon Steed
The Blood Star falls... Adria 26-30 6.2K Shugga the Tooth Ripper
Desert Demise Deliblat 26-30 6.2K Zwer the Devourer
All Heroes Fall Spirit of Adria Adria 31-35 8.5K Yuri the Reckless
Glimmering Hope Deliblat 31-35 8.5K Shil'yak Sharpfingers
Bastion of Sanctity Adria 31-35 8.5K Brood Queen Tamika
Mastery Unleashed Cleansing Waters Adria 36-40 11K Yazzik the Poisoned Truth
Prepared to Perish Adria 36-40 11K Gaoler of the Lost Tribes
Our Will to Endure Adria 36-40 11K Bloodstained Gore Charger